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Dey Di Ride Wa High Horse!

Since being swept into office wi a massive and resounding mandate at the polls back in November of last year, and having had their mandate reaffirmed at the polls in March of this year, this new administration di move funny! Do you notice it? They di move very shady, I tell yuh! Every day or every other day news breaks about some funny business that they are embroiled in, and it’s very early in their term. And I mean, it does not sit right with the Belizean people one bit. Much like me, it irks a lot of them, and some of their actions provoke the ire of many. And after observing some of the funny movements and the shady happenings, I can only draw one conclusion: dey di ride wa high horse!

It is often said that governments are run based on the mandates given. It is expected that they will seek to carry out their mandate and deliver on their promises, serving at the behest of the people who elected them. However, more and more, as we live our lives, it is becoming more apparent that “funniness” is somehow synonymous with governments. But what is rather unfathomable is a string of strange occurrences almost on a weekly basis. It’s like a concatenation of events that stirs wrath among the people and provokes the ire in us. I swear, I can’t understand these happenings and purported revelations as they are dropped week in, week out.

Let’s explore a few of the most recent ones. There are the usual verbal blunders that these elected officials seem to be spitting out loosely — seemingly without regard or respect for the populace; not to mention a sheer lack of diplomacy! Lord, when you listen to some of these interviews and you hear the commentaries from certain government officials and leaders, you cringe at the utterances and conjectures that spill from their mouth. In some cases, it is outright ignorant and disrespectful; some of these statements are very demeaning and condescending, to say the least!

Then, there is the proposal for the teachers and public servants to give up a portion of their salaries in addition to accepting an increment freeze for a protracted period of time. When the unions voiced their discontent about the situation, the unions were in-turn labeled as selfish and greedy. However, in the midst of all this, there are the purported revelations that some ministers and ministries are procuring, and continue to offer tenders for, the procurement of new vehicles and the like. That doesn’t quite spell austerity when you yourself are purportedly living the dream, in disregard of the crisis we face, sparing little to nothing?

Furthermore, there has been the bulk of questionable appointments to fill various posts and the purported nepotism in government. Despite being questioned about it and called out for making such moves, the administration has circumvented the public’s objections, and they ultimately had their way. So now we find ourselves with a brand new pack of high-powered appointments (a long list at that) that no doubt put an ever larger strain on the country’s wage bill and the economy in light of the plight we currently find ourselves in. So, you mean to say that we couldn’t seek to reduce the amount of new appointments and run an essential service staff for the government until a time that is more feasible or at a time when we rebound?

Then, there’s the matter of fuel! I swear, since they assumed office, gas prices have risen more and faster than Creole bread on a hot Sunday afternoon! It has risen so much, me done lose count. But if my memory serves me right, the cost of fuel has increased at least 7 times since they assumed the reins! Seven times rise, don’t hold your breath expecting a seven times fall. They di put wa lick pan wi with the fuel prices and if it goes any higher, we will be forced to park our cars and walk! But more so, I have always said and I will continue to say this: fuel drives a country. If fuel prices are exorbitant, then the cost of goods and services will be inflated, further exacerbating the proverbial “lick” that the poor and marginalized people have to take!

Then, to put the icing on the cake, the country froze in its tracks when news broke that the very good and reliable Governor General of Belize was being silently sent off into the sunset! Wooiii, that one sure did strike a nerve and raised quite a bit of eyebrows! This show reminds me of those good old soap operas that you would run home to watch because everyday is a new revelation! With each passing day, a new episode drops, and it’s hotter than the previous one! It can only be said that dey di ride wa high horse, I tell you, and I think the people are keenly paying attention. Nuh tek dis ya crowd lightly, because this set of millennials in this time and age are locked in to the shenanigans like a teenager to his video game. And we are simply not taking anything for granted!

You see, the thing is this, from early on, we have to be watch dogs. We have to be hawks, cause ultimate power corrupts! So we can’t afford to let anything slide, cause bam, you make one or two things slide, next thing they think it’s an ice-skating ring! Hmmm… I tell yuh, ole pippl wudda seh: “what a sekestre!” But, not to worry, mi mamma woulda seh, “I si betta jenkunu dan den-deh dance and bruk up!”, if yuh know weh ah mean! Nonetheless, ultimately, it’s quite a peculiar and befuddling theatrical display we are all witnessing. Quite a spectacle to behold, unlike any other. I wonder if it’s only me who’s noticing the shenanigans, but all I will say is, be careful of da high horse weh yuh di ride before ih go lick yuh down!

Unchained Reflections Of A Liberal Pragmatist.

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