General — 27 March 2012 — by Rochelle Gillett
Did Solomon Gabourel get what he deserved?
Police report that in the wee hours of Saturday morning, Solomon Gabourel, 34, was stabbed to death, apparently while attempting to rob a hot dog vendor who operated from the Battlefield Park on Albert Street. He was fatally stabbed in the abdomen.
In the police press release issued today, Monday, it is alleged that a dark-complexioned person with shoulder-length dreadlocks approached a 19-year-old vendor who was selling hot dogs with her aunt and sister, grabbed her by the neck and put a sharp object to her abdomen.
He then “stronged” her cell phone, valued at $240, and her apron, which contained $800 cash.
At this point, the girl’s aunt intervened, and a struggle ensued between the two, resulting in the man being stabbed.
It is alleged that after suffering the stab wound, the man ran from Albert Street, down Church Street, and collapsed either on the bridge, or just in front of Public’s Supermarket. A white car then took him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.
Police were later able to identify the body as that of Solomon Gabourel; he succumbed to the injury while being operated on at the KHMH.
Today, Amandala spoke with Ixchell Gordon, Gabourel’s common-law wife, and she is still confused by the report from the police.
Gordon, who lived with Gabourel for almost ten years and has a two-year-old son with him, describes him as a kind person who would work hard and hustle honestly in order to earn a living.
It was a call at about 5:40 a.m. that awoke her, she said, the person telling her that Gabourel had been stabbed.
While making her way to the hospital, personnel from the Crimes Investigation Branch met her, asked if she was Gabourel’s wife, and gave her a ride there.
But by the time she arrived at the KHMH, Gabourel had already died. Gordon was asked to identify the body, and she confirmed that it was indeed her common-law husband, Solomon Gabourel.
Funeral arrangements for Solomon Earl Gabourel are tentatively set for Friday, March 30.
Police retrieved, as exhibit, a machete with a black plastic handle, and a blade measuring 13 inches from the scene, and continue their investigation into this matter.

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