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Don’t cry

Don’t cry for me, Argentina

This was an old song composed after a football game when Brazil lost to Argentina. That was a tearful game. The heading of this essay could well fit in as the regular season for the Harrison Parks National Cricket Competition 2014 comes to a close, and leading teams move on to the playoffs. All the rest that did not make it were very hopeful, and, to my knowledge, had done their best. A saying goes like this: After a man has done his best, not even the angels can do better. And that is so true, because it is that man’s best.

In all sports there will be losers and winners; all teams can’t be winners. We must now be professional losers. Don’t go in the closet and hide. Come out and enjoy any game of your choice in the playoffs. After all is over and a champion is being crowned, get together. Revisit your downfall and try to figure the reason for your loss. Is it bad management? Is it poor playing? Whatever the reason, you find and fix it, so as to be more competitive next year. You all have played your hearts out, and I think your fans, families and friends enjoyed seeing you perform. Although disappointed, they will forever follow you. (IT ONLY HURTS FOR A LITTLE WHILE).

I have watched some games played, and believed one team had the advantage of winning, but at the end, the other team played better and won. A very small mistake one may make, the other will capitalize on that. There are teams that have lost, but need mentioning for the effort they made and contribution by just entering the competition. You all have done well and played your best. You all are being congratulated – Police Team, under the management of Supt. Howell Gillett; Brave 11of Willows Bank, under the management of Daphne McFadzean; Sugar Boys of Carmelita, under the management of Orwin Wade, Sr.; and Cashu Medicos (Indian doctors team). These teams are mentioned because of their freshness in the competition and the big heart they had in facing much, much bigger teams. Thanks to you all!

As I close, with a sad heart, I must mention that three of my good buddies left this earth to be closer with their Maker. Cecil Flowers and Dave Joseph passed over the weekend; and teacher Gabb, a former teacher of Lemonal, Double Head and Willows Bank, where he married and lived up to his passing on Wednesday, June 11. May God bless their souls that they may rest in peace. I pray also that the families are given extra strength to continue life without their presence.

And a Happy Father’s Day to you fathers out there who are doing your best for your child or children. For you mothers who are doing what is expected of the fathers, this day is celebrated in your honor too. Enjoy the weekend, everyone. See ya.

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