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Dorian Anthony, 43, dies in George Price Highway accident

MILE 13, GEORGE PRICE HIGHWAY, Belize District, Wed. Mar. 25, 2020– The family of Dorian Anthony, 43, a laborer of North Creek, Belize City, who was the father of two children, is mourning his death, which occurred at about 10:30 yesterday morning, when he was traveling from Belize City to Hattieville with two of his associates, Dan Myvett and Gary Trapp , 57, a laborer of Boots Crescent, Belize City.

The SUV in which they were travelling on the George Price Highway overturned between Mile 12 and 13 in front of the Softy Toilet Paper Factory, after suffering a left wheel blowout, which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

The vehicle veered off the road and crashed under a container trailer that is parked in front of the toilet paper factory, and became wedged under it. As a result, Anthony suffered massive head and body injuries and died almost immediately, while Myvett and Trapp suffered injuries which were not life-threatening. They have since been treated and released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

On our visit to the scene, we saw the badly wrecked vehicle near the trailer container. A worker at the factory told us that when the collision occurred, he was inside the gate servicing his truck while it was being loaded, and he heard a loud “boom,” and saw a lot of dust.

After the dust settled, he came out to see what had happened, and saw the SUV lodged under the trailer and saw three men in the vehicle. He immediately tried to open the left rear door to try to take out one of the men, but the doors were jammed due to the wreck.
Efforts were made to lift the trailer so that the SUV could be extracted, and a tractor then pulled out the SUV and the men were removed from the vehicle.

Anthony, who was in the front passenger seat, was already dead, since the point of impact was on the front passenger side. The driver was wedged between the steering wheel and the driver seat. The passenger on the back seat was not seriously hurt, and he came out of the vehicle on his own.

The factory worker told us that all the workers at the factory came to help the two other victims.

Police said that they have begun an investigation into this fatality.

Those who know Dorian Anthony said that he was well-known in Port Loyola, where he was kind to those around him, and was a good family man.

Feature photo: Dorian Anthony, deceased

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