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Double murder leaves PG shaken up

LatestDouble murder leaves PG shaken up

ComPol Williams promises to bring back peace

PUNTA GORDA, Toledo District, Tues. Feb. 26, 2019– Punta Gorda Town has always been known as a peaceful paradise for its residents. As of late, however, the town has seen an increase in crime. Just last month, a man was murdered right outside his home and police suspect that the murder is related to a double murder which occurred last night.

Details are currently sparse, but in a press briefing held at the police’s headquarters in Belmopan, Senior Superintendent Sandra Bodden, Southern Regional Commander, explained that when police were alerted to the murders, they went to the Punta Gorda Hospital, where they saw the body of Kevin Moro, 30.

Both Moro and the other victim, Oscar Humes, 31, were shot multiple times; however, Humes was clinging to life until he was being transported to the Southern Regional Hospital; he died before arriving.

Reports are that Moro and Humes were at a residence on Main Street inside a yard where other men from the town were also socializing, when a gunman who went looking for another target, presumably some gang-affiliated individual, opened fire on Moro and Humes instead.

There is no motive as to why the gunman targeted these two men, because they are reportedly not known to police and there is no indication of their being involved in gang activity.

According to Moro’s sister, Nicole Moro, her brother, a laborer, had no children but lived with his common-law wife. She also told us that Humes had one son and also worked as a laborer. She described the men as “vibrant, loving, caring, and humble individuals who were loved by our Punta Gorda community.”

Police have so far identified one potential suspect. They confirmed that there are gang-related persons from Belize City who have migrated to the once tranquil town of Punta Gorda.

As previously mentioned, the murders of Moro and Humes may have some connection with the murder of Jerdie Flores, 30, who was executed on January 29 while he was at home. Flores’ murderer called for him to come outside, then shot him in the face. He then fled on a bicycle.

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, who was also present at the press briefing, promised the residents of PG that he would be actively involved in the process of trying to rid the town of criminals who have migrated there.

ComPol Williams encouraged the residents to speak up so that it would be easier to root out the criminals. He acknowledged that many members of the public may be afraid to share information with the police, but reminded them that there are ways they can share information in a strictly confidential way.

The ComPol also said that the police, without apologies, intend to go “hard” at those persons who are wreaking havoc within the communities, and that they will use the force that is necessary, within the law, to achieve that objective.

He said that if the police need to search a house, and the person(s) in the house are not involved in any criminal acts, they should simply cooperate with the police during the search.

Williams also made it known that if there is involvement of police officers in any of the criminal acts, they would also be rooted out of PG and dealt with accordingly.

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