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Easter in Belize 2020

BELIZE CITY, April 7, 2020– Friday is Good Friday, the holiest day for believers in Jesus the Christ. Some 1,987 years ago, Jesus was crucified on a wooden cross by the Roman Emperor, Tiberius, for high crimes against the Empire of Rome. His crime was to preach against the money-changers – the bankers. And remember, before St. Paul and St. Augustine changed the nature or purpose of Christianity, Jesus had preached, “… and forgive them their debts”. It was Paul and Augustine who changed that to the forgiveness of their sins in the after-life. Jesus had demanded that Israel return to the Jubilee – forgiveness of debt.

A new virus, a coronavirus called SAR-Cov2, or COVID-19, has caused the entire population of the world to shut down human activities. Airplanes are idle, ships are mostly in ports, construction has stopped, the roads and the highways are deserted, people are trapped in homes, factories are shuttered, and tourists have completely disappeared from the scene in Belize.

Belize’s economy now has a $ 400 million hole. And government announced this Monday that some 44,000 persons have applied for the $75 weekly subsidy, all because of a molecule we call COVID-19. But has this virus been worse than say the common influenza, the deaths from diabetes, heart problems or cancer? We don’t know. It depends on which “expert” we ask.

In times of old, we used to let nature takes it course. We didn’t shut down the economy because of pandemics. Now we are fighting a “war” against a virus. In times of war, personal “rights” are taken away, and lives are destroyed because we must unite, we must suffer, against the common enemy. People don’t spend, so the economy collapses, but Belize’s economy was already on life support before the virus appeared on our shores. We were in a recession. Now we are going into a depression (over 25% unemployment). And our leaders are running around like chickens without a head.

But I must write that I was happy to hear Hon. Manuel Heredia of San Pedro and Caye Caulker say in an interview that the citizens of those islands need to forget about tourism for a year or more and instead return to how they earned their livelihoods before, from fishing. Minister, you are thinking.

In the rural areas of Cayo, Toledo, and Stann Creek, most will have to return to farming. Corozal and Orange Walk, including the Belize District, will have serious problems with farming. Belize is now in the dry season. When it normally ends in late May, the likelihood of rain coming will be slim. The experts are saying we will have another drought this year. From 1954, the American soil scientists knew that soils with poor nutrition suffer horribly when there is less fresh water due to a scarcity of rain or lack of irrigation. Farmers, fix your soils and you will only need a little fresh water to grow your crops.

In an economy that is functioning for the “common good,” science teaches us that man (the farmer) must control the putting on and taking off of water along with proper nutrients and biology in the soil. With this principle in mind, government must create – build canals, for both drainage and irrigation of farm crops.

Now don’t say we don’t have money. Money doesn’t fall from trees. It is created by humans. The back-stop on money creation is government. Due to this coronavirus, our government is committed to obtain some $150 million dollars from the Central Bank. We can build some 3,000 miles of canals for the farmers of Belize. Some of the money will have to be US dollars. Belize can borrow it from Taiwan, our friend, to buy machinery from them. And if they refuse? I am certain, big China will accede to our request for soft loans to buy machinery to build canals for our farmers and at the same time create useful jobs for the 44,000 who are out of a job.

If our unity government refused, then you know that they can never be voted for again. One day elections will return to Belize. The citizens will remember those who talk and those who acted. It is nearly one month since the panic began, and the vaunted tourism sector collapsed in one week. But not one of the 44,000 without work has gotten any help. Shame. But the banks and the large companies have already been bailed out. Shame.

Now some ideas and facts about this virus. Everyone will not catch it. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer will kill more Belizeans than the COVID-19. And this will be the same in the future. Viruses have been with mankind from the beginning of time, and they will be with us at the end. Humankind has found no weapon such as drugs or vaccines to kill viruses. We have antibiotics to kill bacteria, but our greed is slowly destroying the usefulness of antibacterial drugs. The bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics because we overuse them, especially in the raising of chickens. It seems our greed has no bounds.

There will be no vaccines to kill the COVID-19, at least not for the next 2 years or more. The hype is a con game to force the governments of the world to create some $7 trillion dollars and give to the giant pharmaceutical companies. It is a dream. Why? A vaccine does not kill viruses. Instead, it trains your immune system to go after and kill certain viruses. COVID-19 has SARS, influenza, and HIV components. Plus, it keeps mutating, like all viruses. Now let the bright fellows tell me how you will train my immune system to attack such a moving target. The current vaccine for the 2019/2020 flu season can only attack 2 strains of the flu coronavirus. But the American CDC says the current flu virus has at least several strains/types. The US National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) on August 7, 2017 wrote: “The rapid mutations of influenza A virus result in the loss of vaccine optimal efficacy, and challenge the complete eradication of the virus.” And then Dr. Shira Miller of Physicians of Informed Consent (PIC) released a study on a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study in 2011 concerning aluminium in vaccines. The new study found that a math error was made in the FDA study which assumes that 8 times more aluminium can safely enter the blood stream. This explains why modern vaccines have such problems when aluminium adjuvant is used to activate the human immune systems.

Last week in the Amandala, Clinton Canul Luna shared a very accurate historical article which chronicled how the Rockefellers and Andrew Carnegie (plus JP Morgan) created the modern medical industry of drugs, doctors trained only to dispense drugs, and schools that push the line that only drugs can help modern man. The big boys are good. The same oligarchical families that control big oil, own and control the fertilizer factories that push junk to unsuspecting farmers that create the bugs, then they sell you the “crop protection” called pesticides that make the situation worse, then humans eat the worthless garbage they call food which makes them sick, then the drugs are given to prolong their miserable lives. Every modern disease – cancer, diabetes, hypertension, auto-immune illnesses — can all be cured, not by drugs but by eating good, nutrient-dense foods and through holistic methods such as fasting.

Now, for the 95% of Belizeans. If your immune system is strong, COVID-19 will not kill you. If you smoke, drink and vape, your immune system will be weak and COVID-19 will give you a hard time. If your child is under 10 years old, they will survive because their immune system will make use of the melatonin in their bodies.

If you are over 65 years old, you will have problems because: 1. As Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT (who was in Belize to advise farmers about the dangers of glyphosate) wrote: “I would wager that glyphosate disrupts the collagen-like stalk of the lung.” Old people have been eating foods containing glyphosate for very long time. 2. And as Dr. Seneff wrote: “I was wondering why the elderly are suffering much more sepsis and cytokine storm during COVID-19 infections. A significant difference in older patients compared to younger patients is their melatonin levels.” Remember, our gut bacteria also produce tryptophan via the shikimate pathway, so glyphosate will reduce the bioavailability of tryptophan as a precursor to melatonin. 3. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitors increase expression of ACE2, and COVID-19 infects host cells by binding to ACE2 (protein) receptors found on cells in your lungs, intestines, kidneys and blood vessels. Therefore, those on ACE inhibitor drugs must be extremely careful of COVID- 19.

According to research done on COVID-19 in China, South Korea and Italy and published in the Italian magazine Evolutamente, medical researcher Doris Loh, wrote that “Melatonin, nitric oxide and ascorbic acid can reduce COVID- 19 virulence by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasomes to stop the perpetuation of cytokine storms.”

Now, how to build your immune system?

Maintain                    Mild Sick               Hospital/Lung                Impair
a. Vitamin B1            50 mg/day            150 mg/12 hr                200 mg/12 hr (IV)
b. Vitamin C              6 gram/day           15 gram/12 hr               20 – 200grams (IV)
c. Vitamin D3            2,000 IU/day         5,000 IU/day                 10,000 IU (IV)
d. Magnesium           200 mg/day           300 mg/day                   400 mg (IV)
e. Zinc                     10 mg/day             20 mg/day                     50 mg (IV)
f. Melatonin              2 mg/day               5 mg/day                       30 mg (IV)
g. Hydrocortisone      ——                       25 mg /6 hr                   50 mg/6 hr (IV)

Note: In hospitals, if needed, as an anti-coagulant, use Heparin with IVC. Vitamin C in hospital IV can only be given as sodium ascorbate. And remember, the sicker the patient, the more vitamin C is needed. It is very dose-dependent and operates by dynamic flow. Oral doses of Vitamin C must be in divided doses. No one eats all their food at once. It is divided into 3 or more servings per day. Taking less than 6 grams per day is a waste of time. In China and South Korea every patient who was given Ascorbic Acid for COVID-19 is alive today. NOT one person died.

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