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Father charged with grievous harm after newborn hospitalized

HeadlineFather charged with grievous harm after newborn hospitalized

Banner, a resident of Camalote Village, was previously charged with manslaughter in 2019 for the death of his two-month-old child, Trevane Banner, and was also accused of abusing another child of his.

by Khaila Gentle

CAMALOTE VILLAGE, Cayo District, Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

A newborn baby was hospitalized over the weekend after sustaining injuries to the arm, mouth, and back that were allegedly caused by his father. The father, Troy Banner, who claimed that the 15-day-old baby had fallen from a bed, has since been arrested and charged with grievous harm.

ASP Alfonso Aban, Officer Commanding the Criminal Investigations Branch, said that the charges against Banner were made following the statement given by the mother of the newborn child.

Of note is that in June 2019, Banner, a resident of Camalote Village, was arrested and charged with manslaughter for the death of his two month-old child, Thevane Banner. He claimed that the child had choked while being fed, but an autopsy report revealed soon after that baby Thevane had died from multiple skull fractures and head trauma consistent with Battered Child Syndrome.

Banner pleaded not guilty to the charge and was offered bail of $10,000 plus a surety of the same amount, which he was able to meet.

Before being charged, he had accused the nurses at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital of causing the two-month-old’s death, claiming that they gave him too much adrenaline and that they were trying to make it appear as if he had abused his child.

Also in June of that year, Banner’s ex-common-law wife came forward to accuse him of child abuse as well, noting that, seven years before, her child had suffered bruises and a fractured skull—similar to that of baby Thevane—after being in Banner’s care.

According to ASP Aban, the police will be looking into Banner’s “pattern of behavior” and his history of abuse.

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