Highlights — 10 April 2019 — by Bilal Morris
February 10’s Belizean Study Circle in L.A. on the ICJ

The educational Belizean Study Circle on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum sponsored in Los Angeles by BREDAA on February 10, 2019 brought to the Belizean diaspora in the United States and across the world, as well as Belizeans in Belize, by the Los Angeles-based grassroots organization BREDAA (Belize Rural Economic Development of Agriculture through Alliance), addressed the issue of whether the Guatemalan claim to Belize should go for adjudication to the ICJ.

A group of Belizeans from the Los Angeles Belizean community participated in the two-hour long discussion.

Present from Belize and participating in the study circle as a learned Belizean on the Guatemalan Claim and the issue of taking the claim to the ICJ was Patrick Rogers, the political leader of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP).

The discussion was moderated by Mario Lara, a Belizean living in the United States, who conducted a very smooth and informational discussion.

About twenty-five Belizeans volunteered to come and share their views about the issue, and to learn more from others who had relevant information to share about the Guatemalan claim and the ICJ.

Patrick Rogers, Aria Lightfoot, and Mario Lara were able to present some of the best explanations on the critical issue that Belizeans in Belize will decide on in a referendum election scheduled April 10, 2019 in Belize.

Though Los Angeles Belizeans, as well as Belizeans living and working in the United States and around the world, would not be able to vote in the referendum, they still found it important for them to join in solidarity with their brothers and sisters back home in Belize in speaking their minds about the claim and the ICJ in terms of Belizean citizens participation in the educational process ongoing in Belize and in the Belizean diaspora. After all, for these Belizeans who participated at the “Belizean Study Circle on the ICJ”, Belizean citizenship does matter, and the Government of Belize needs to understand that they are Belizeans and will always be Belizeans.

The Belizean study circle though held almost two months ago now, continues to be a popular educational forum for many Belizeans at home and abroad who revisit, view, and listen to the study circle on social media as well as on Youtube through “Radiobelizemix.” It was broadcast live via Radiobelizemix across the Belizean diaspora as well as on KREM Television in Belize. According to Radiobelizemix, thousands of Belizeans tuned in to educate themselves about the issues surrounding the Guatemalan claim and the ICJ.

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