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FFB invites players to scouting session with UCLA head coach, Dr. Ryan Jorden

BELMOPAN, Tues. July 27, 2021– The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) will have an official visit of UCLA’s Head Coach, Dr. Ryan Jorden, who will arrive in Belize this week to scout players from our national teams as potential candidates for the university.

We welcome Coach Jorden’s visit and take this opportunity to invite the players listed below to attend the scouting sessions as per the schedule below:

Thursday, 29th July 2021, at 4:00 p.m. – U18 & U20 Men
Friday, 30th July 2021, at 10:00 a.m. – U23 Men
Saturday, 31st July 2021, at 4:00 p.m. – U17 & U20 Women
(LEGEND: Belmopan – bmp; Stann Creek – scr; Cayo – cyo; Toledo – tol; San Pedro – snp; Orange Walk – owk; Belize District – bze; Corozal – czl; Benque – ben; Midsouth – mds)
Belize National U17 Women: goalkeepers – Belinda Linarez (bmp) and Jaleeny Belisle (bmp); defenders – Bianca Hoare (bmp), Shamika Lambey (scr), Nigelee Myers (cyo), Karel Avila (tol), Vatranny Perez (snp) and Loraine Crawford (cyo); midfielders – Liala Waight (cyo), Elba Nunez (owk), Bernadine Zuniga (owk), Cenia Apolonio (scr), Shendra Casimiro (scr), Shayla Lee Flowers (bze), Ailani Gonzalez (bze), Loraine Cal (tol), Marjorie Sanchez (bmp) and Zeaunn Alvarez (tol); and forwards – Vanelley Santoya (czl) and Khalydia Velasquez (scr).

Belize National U18 Men: goalkeepers – Earl Dyck (cyo) and Jose Hernandez (bmp); defenders – Jordan Casanova (czl), Calvin Reid (owk), Kendale Butler (czl), Randy Chavarria (ben); Jared Requeña (ben), Shamarl Flowers (cyo), Darren Villafranco (tol) and Dwight Brown (bmp); midfielders – Rigoberto Cardenas (owk), Allison Torres (owk), Tyrese Augustine (owk), Kevin Higinio (scr), Zion Ramos (scr), Stiven Rivera (bze), Enoch Rhaburn (bze), Eldon Reneau (bze), Jahmaine Hope (bmp), Javi Cante (cyo), Jaylen Lennan (ben) and Andres Miranda (tol); and forwards – Daijon Daniels (scr) and Gidier Ayala (ben).

Belize National U20 Women: goalkeepers – Rhea Gordon (mds), Dennisha Pineda (snp) and Jahnel Nunez (scr); defenders – Jessie McLaughlyn (scr), Shanell Thomas (scr), Shadete Lino (scr), Lorraine Stephen (bze), Shante Chacon (bze), Saudy Rivera (bze), Carlene Tillett (bze), Mikayla Munro (bmp) and Stephanie Barrientos (bmp); midfielders – Tanya Garbutt (mds), Dianira Lopez (czl), Jesselle Conorque (cyo), Janivi Quiroz (cyo), Roshany Narvaez (bmp), Ashley Rodriguez (bmp), Tanya Teul (snp) and Anahie Blanco (czl); and forwards – Rhea Burgess (mds), Alisha Terry (czl), Aaliyah Herbert (bze) and Kate Jones (owk).

Belize National U20 Men: goalkeepers – Ian Salgado (tol) and Kilavan Kerr (bmp); defenders – Kleron Cacho (mds), James Mejia (mds), Edwin Gomez (mds), Jordan Apolonio (mds), Roger Parham (mds), Jaylen Lennan (cyo), Wilfredo Torres (tol), Russel Castillo (scr) and Leonardo Canul (owk); midfielders – Jeffery Zetina (tol), Owen Sosa (ben), Wilfredo Galvez (bmp), Jovaun Ramos (bmp), Freybin Pagoada (bmp), Michael Palacio (bze), Shawn Sho (snp), Anderson Chi (snp) and Lucas Hunt (bmp); and forwards – Eugene Benguche (tol), Yibemeh Lewis (scr), Tylier Peters (scr) and Gerson Portillo (mds).

Belize National U23 Men: goalkeepers – Charles Tillett (owk), Kenroy Tillett (cyo) and Kerry Gonzalez (bmp); defenders – Jalen Budna (bmp), Norman Anderson (bmp), Donell Arzu (scr), Enfield Nunez (tol), Allan Barillas (tol), Blake Tejeda (cyo), Alexander Scott (scr) and Jahlin Pelayo (bmp); midfielders – Dion Cacho (bze), Alwin Zelaya (mds), Ian Pou (snp), Arnold Flowers (snp), Izon Gill (scr), Rene Leslie (mds), Warren Moss (scr), Myrick Maarshall (scr) and Gabriel Ramos, Jr. (mds); and forwards – Jonard Castillo (scr), Carlos Gonzalez (bmp), Krisean Lopez (scr) and Desmond Wade (cyo).

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