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Flamboyants from Henry Young to beautify the highway

Former Minister of Tourism, Henry Young, says he has always wanted to see the highways of Belize looking beautiful with flowering trees, and today he handed me about 30 flamboyant plants he set in pots himself, at the Bird’s Isle. Mr. Young also gave me a little chum to pay kids to plant a flamboyant tree in their yard.

These villages on the highway did not develop in a very organized way, and many of the yards are small, so it will take some time to find the spots to set the plants. The BEL wires are along the sides of the road, so we will have to set the plants a little distance off. After we’ve set the flamboyant plants, I’m thinking that maybe he’ll have to confine the effort to flowering shrubs.

TD Jakes and Joel Osteen eating Jimmy Swaggart’s food

Televangelist Ravi Zacharias said that some people in the religion business are in it for the racket, and I gather that he is quite upset about their hoax. Ravi isn’t guilty of judging anyone: he was reporting on what students at the university where he studied told him. Belizean Catholics are raised to keep the high road, but some of these televangelists are a test.

We can’t judge anyone’s heart, but we can bring in a verdict on what we see people do with their wealth. I think if you come in Jesus’ name you should live like Jesus did. If you live like someone else did, you should come in that person’s name. The fellows mentioned in the title of this piece say the milk of human kindness is flowing in their veins, and that’s between them and their God, but the takings from the collection plate are flowing into their bank accounts. Dammit, I want my pastor to, like Jesus did, give the bread and the fish to the hungry. I want my pastor to make me feel spiritual, not make me dream about getting materially rich. That last part is the job of government leaders.

Those guys who look like they’re more about feeding off souls than saving them, they’ve got entertainment value. When they’re in their “oil” they are brilliant showmen, and Jimmy Swaggart was the top of the line in the field. Billy Graham was the first famous evangelist of radio, and I think Jimmy Swaggart was king of television, the first great televangelist. Way back in the 1980s, days when the highest paid baseball players were just starting to sign $million contracts, Swaggart’s businesses were grossing well over $100 million a year. Wow! Swaggart had it all, until Adam met Eve and he got delayed in his project.

The thing that made Swaggart’s fall so great was that he had boasted – foolish, foolish fellow, you never brag about sexual purity – yap, he bragged that his resistance was up there like no other. You’ll never hear the Pope bragging. Jimmy called out other televangelists, described them as sissies, and cancers. Adam met Eve, and Jimmy met Rosemary. You bet the Pope keeps his bedroom door locked at night so that he can’t get any surprise visits.

We tend to think lowly of ladies of the night because their profession is dishonorable, but don’t mistakenly think that some of them don’t have Jesus. See, some of them are in it only because of desperation, maybe to buy food or medicine for their child. But let’s not go too easy here. Maybe it wasn’t honesty that made Rosemary out Jimmy: maybe it was a plea bargain.

Hmm, I really would like to go on some on this subject, but I’d better not. Let’s just say that for man, when it comes to that matter you must be like NHI — you fu try.

When Jimmy fell, he fell hard, burned to ashes like a shooting star. You know the rest of the story. Jimmy’s dust hadn’t settled before Osteen and Jakes sprang up to seize all the booty that he had primed for fleecing. Those two boys – gimme a pause here so I can Google – ouch, Osteen’s known worth is $50 million and Jakes’ known worth is $150 million. At least half of what those two guys have is Jimmy’s food.

But let’s not cry our hearts out for Mr. Jimmy Swaggart, because years later – can’t keep a good preacher down — he reformed out of the ashes. I read somewhere that he and his son and grandson are still working their magic in Jesus’ name, and he has piled up riches worth over $10 million. Oh what might have been if he had stayed on the straight and narrow path? He would have been worth a billion.

One of those guys is guilty

A few years ago Belize bent over backwards and gave men who don’t cherish women the full rights to go at it in their closets. No longer can a bored police officer come by and rap on a closet and, if they don’t get a satisfactory answer, break the door down. I think that people should be grateful for small mercies. All of us are sinners, with some of us having really big sins, some of us having nondescript sins, and this closet crowd guilty of strange sins. Look, we, none of us, know who is going to heaven, but we daam well know what will get you into jail in Belize.

I told you a long time ago that I’m for whipping. Some people feel they are too big for that, but if we do small or cheap things, then we’ve forfeited our bignis, an we shud get wap.

I would put it in the law that motorcyclists who break the law shud get the tambran whip. My dad told me there was a certain room at the police station, just for men who think dehn bad. He said there is not a man who entered that room who didn’t baal like a baaboon when the officer tek out di tambran whip.

This wikidnis that was reportedly on show in a public place, I see the UNIBAM pointed out that one of the guys involved is of diverse ability, and I take that to mean that he is one of those people who don’t process information the way most of us do. The other guy, the real villain here, got a mere mention, while the unfortunate condition of one was mentioned twice.

Really, I think it was very sneaky of this Mr. Caleb to zero in about the diverse ability, and brush over the other bohga. There are questions that have to be asked. Is the other fella a rapist? If a man did that in a public place to a woman with diverse ability, would he be charged for rape? He would certainly be charged for unbecoming behavior.

Brother Caleb told 7News that 32% of us are intolerant. That’s a question of degrees. Let me tell you what I’m intolerant of. These gay parades —what in hell has happened to our good neighbor, the USA? We used to look up to them, and now they have men parading their backsides through the streets, in front of innocent children.

On the surface a man beating another with a stick looks terrible, and I know it’s against the law, but the circumstances might mitigate the crime a little. Some of us like to have all the facts.

On another front, we have to be wary of precedents. Both bedroom and closet operators are watching the fallout. We human beings are like monkeys … monki sih; monki duh.

Connected to this story is that somebody videoed the episode and circulated the contents on social media. This disgusting video business has to stop. I heard the AG’s office has said that they are going to have in place something with teeth to deal with this cyber bullying soon. This is good news.

Kip unu money: we need the boy

Sedi Elrington spoke about the wonder of remittances and investments from Belizeans living abroad, but in this case NO —unless the young man is investing in a project and that project is a forensics lab, which his father and the UDP government promised and did not deliver. We really need that lab. The people of Belize must say to the UDP, keep your money, we want the boy. We are being destroyed by unsolved violent crimes in this country, it is a blot upon our nation, and a boy like the one Cab Sec Perdomo has is just what the doctor ordered for our terrible disease.

The law is a deterrent, and one important way it fulfills that function is when guilty parties are brought to justice. Mr. Perdomo, stop coddling your party and do right by this country. Paying off that money doesn’t absolve you, and it was wrong what you did. The only absolution is a forensics lab, and your boy using his skills to help save this country from the crime that God says the earth cries out in anguish against.

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