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Flash floods in Belize, after first named storm Amanda hit region, killing 15

BELIZE CITY, Tues. June 2, 2020– The first named storm for the 2020 Pacific Hurricane season, Amanda, made landfall in El Salvador on Sunday. Amanda also dumped heavy rains on Guatemala, leading to mudslides and flash flooding.

The weather system dumped around 10 inches of rains on Belize that resulted in flash flooding, according to a flood report issued today by the Belize Government Hydrological Service. Amanda reportedly killed 15 people in Central America.

According to El Salvador’s Interior Minister, Mario Duran, the storm killed 15 people in his country. Rescue workers are searching for seven persons, Duran reportedly said.

In Belize, the Hydrological Service reported that the flood levels of the Rio Hondo have exceeded the historical levels recorded for Hurricane Mitch. While the New River continues to rise, the waters remain below the river banks.

On the Macal River, the reservoir levels remain below the spillways at the Chalillo, Mollejon and Vaca dams, the report said.

Flood waters in San Ignacio remain below the low level bridge but are gradually rising.

“The Mopan River at Benque Viejo Town has exceeded its banks and continues to rise. On the Belize River, levels at Banana Bank have crested at a high of 3.89 and is falling. The Crooked Tree Lagoon is below the causeway and rising. At Double Run, levels are steadily rising. On the Haulover Creek near Chetumal Street Bridge in Belize City, levels are normal and steady. On the Burdon Canal, normal and steady levels exist. REGION 11: The Sibun River near Freetown Sibun is flooded and has exceeded its banks,” said the flood report.

The report added that the Coastal Road and the bridge near La Democracia are impassable due to flood waters, but the flood levels are steady in the Southern Lagoon near Gales Point Village. The levels of water of the Sittee River at the Kendal Bridge on the Southern Highway remain steady, and the levels of the Rio Grande, and the Temash River near Crique Sarco remain steady.

The report added, “On Lower Belize River, lagoon levels will continue to rise at Crooked Tree. Double Run will approach bank-full stage. Region 11 — Sibun River will continue to rise at Democracia and Freetown.”

Feature photo: Flooding in the Roaring Creek area, Cayo District

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