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Gerald “Lord” Rhaburn: Belizean. Calypsonian. Cultural Icon.

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PM visits Belizean diaspora in New York and D.C.

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Football Flashback 6 – Updating players list for 1970s

SportsFootball Flashback 6 – Updating players list for 1970s

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 11, 2020– Our population couldn’t have grown that fast, so we suspect it had to do with the heavy turnover rate of players on teams as more and more young people joined the Exodus north to the USA, resulting in new young recruits being promoted to 1st Division football; but we have compiled a huge list of players from the 1970s period, and more names keep coming in.

Over the past weekend, our former Charger teammate Lewis “Lee Buck” Belisle, Jr. added a few names to our list of Mid-1960s to Late-1970s players; and Lee Buck also provided for us the first name of the great “Negro” Hall; he says his first name was Hubert. Lee Buck also said that “Buck” Torres was named Emilio; and he added the names of Frank Taylor and Stanley Gentle (who came from Cayo to play briefly with Charger) to our 1970s list.

Other names we added to the Mid-60s to Late-70s list this week include Bob “Mamboco” Myvett, Oliver Estell and Wilmore Staine; Mamboco and Oliver have passed, but Wilmore is still with us and active in coaching. Hey, these were ranking players that we missed earlier.
All are included in our latest updated roster of 1st Division/Senior players from the 1970s era of Belize football (see below). Feel free to send in any names we might have missed, or corrections and completion of names where we only have nicknames. Contact us by email at [email protected], [email protected], or text/call us at cell 607-8616.

P.S. We have to acknowledge that Amandala articles by Michael Finnegan have been helpful with some names, as has been the book, “Sports, Sin and Subversion” by Evan X Hyde.

Mid-1960s to Late-1970s
Adolph Jenkins
Albert “Bi” Arnold
Albert “Girl” Robinson
Albert “Pappy Cat” Cattouse
Albert “Pappy” Smith
Alejandro (keeper)
Alfred Davis
Alger “Blaka” Bradley
Allison “Harrier” Laing
Alton Massiah
Amado Badillo
Andrew Hulse
Anthony “Garrincha” Adderley
Anthony “Gas” McField
Anthony “Horsey” Cooper
Anthony “Patatu” Cutkelvin
Anthony “Tony” Wagner
Antonio Parra
Arthur “Turo” Roches
Arturo “Turo” Azueta
Bob “Mamboco” Myvett
Brian Bennett
Calbert “Culebra” Neal
Calbert “Pomo” Usher
Cecil “Tatti” Smith/Flowers
Cecil Flowers of Chitos
Charles “Baabu” Humes
Charles “Bouki” Leslie
Charles “Chuck” Gutierrez
Charles “Paco” Lewis
Charles Carillo
Charles Good
Charles Hyde
Clarence “Willie” Williams
Clinton “Baba” Frazer
Clive “Dulce” Myvett
Colin “Byman” Francis
Conrad “Faltas” Nolberto
Cristino Jorge “Maya” Ortega
Cristobal Mayen
Daniel “Don-D” Lino
Daniel “Nayo” Waight
Dean “Sarge” Lewis
Delvin “Rammy” McFarlane
Denny Brooks
Donald “Dover” Lightburn
Earl “Mandingo” Barnett
Edward “Thor” Middleton
Edward “Whitey” Eau
Egbert Muschamp
Elridge “Postman” Latchman
Elston “Bouza” Stallard
Emerson Guild
Emilio “Buck” Torres
Enrique “Ricky” Gongora
Enrique “Rico” Carballo
Eric “Kizarro” Kisling
Ernest Jones
Errol Clarke
Ervin “Stud” Hendricks
Eugene “Cherry” Cherrington
Eugene Guild
Evaristo “Harrier” Rosado
Ewart Bradley
Fabian “Pharoah” Rivero
Felix “Di Flea” Lino
Florentino “Tino” Coyoc
Francis “Rojo” Arnold
Francis Henkis
Frank “Cuchi” Dougal
Frank Pascacio
Frank Taylor
Fred Martinez
Frederick “Doc” Archer
George Jenkins
George Wagner
Gerald “Speedy” Henry
Gilbert Rushford
Gileon Smith
Glenford “Cracker” Middleton
Goldburn “Hashi” Ferguson
Gregsy Jones
Harold Crawford
Harrison “Ile Man” Flowers
Harrison “Plum Jaw” Joseph
Harry “Straddle” Cadle
Hector Hecker
Henry Moss
Herbert Trapp
Hilbert “Areas” Craig
Houlington “Towa” Coburn
Hubert “Negro” Hall
Ivan “Que Dice” Burgos
Jacinto “Tash” Gutierrez
James Adderley
Jerome “Peeloff” Maheia
Jimmy Lawrence
Joe West
John “Belengues”
John “Gas” Dougal
Johnny Martinez
Johnny Smith
Jorge Contreras
Jorge Vargas
Joseph Parks
Juanito Ayala
Karl “Bunu Cal” Robateau
Kenrick Jones
Kenrick”Dusty” Panton
Larry “Charro” Bennett
Lawrence “Chanks” Nicholas
Leslie “Tucumcari” Rogers
Lewis “Buck” Belisle, Jr.
Lionel “Pops” Hamilton
Lloyd Smith
Locario “Malanga” Mayen
Louie Smith
Louis “Tuta” Reneau*
Luke “Habab” Roches
Malcolm “Buddha” Hemmans
Manuel “Ching” Panton
Mark “Kelo” Leslie
Martin Petillo (Landivar goalie)Maurice “Reesho” Jones
Mervin “Shape” Rhodas
Michael “Chick” Panton
Michael “Suffudge” Rushford
Michael Hyde
Michael Neal
Mike “Lacio” Martinez
Moreira midfielder of Spurs
Noel “Flying Fargo” Ferguson
Nolbert Moss
Norman “Banji” Usher
Norman “Mani Pratt” Humes
Norman Castillo
Norrin “Dutch” Mejia
Oliver Estell
Orin “Coco” Orio
Oscar “Mas” Marcello
Oscar Ramos
Paco Torres
Pennil OW Sugar Boys goalie
Philip “Buck” Palacio
Phillip “P.C.” Eusey
Phillip “Ripper” Coye
Philip Guild
Porfirio “Piggy” Guzman
Randolph “Coco” Young
Raymond “Lee Mole” Alvarez
Raymond “Steela” Garbutt
Raymond Davis
Richard “Chicken” Cacho
Robert “Babeekeh” Leslie
Robert “Baby” Flowers
Robert “Rabu” Garcia
Rodwell “Roddy” Leslie
Roland “Ratta” Bood
Roland “Sol” Craig
Ronald “Papacito” Gladden
Ronald Hulse
Roy “Brazilian” Velasquez
Rudolph “Peru” Olivera
Rudolph “Toad” Bowen
Rupert “Canalete” Anderson
Ruperto “Frogman” Alvarez
Russell “Cheezy” Hulse
Russell Vellos
Sammy Gentle
Samuel “Pilis” Neal
Sandy Hinks
Serapio “Big Mole” Alvarez
Solomon Usher
Stanley “Rice” Robinson
Stanley Gentle
Steve “Puppet” Bent
Steve Guild
Tan West
Terrence Genus
Theodore “Bones” Lennan
Timmy Bedran
Timothy “Timo” Flores
Tony West
Tony Wright
Ulrick “Ticks” Usher
Valentine Ferguson
Vandley “Teacher” Jenkins
Vincent “Winty-J” Johnson
Wallace “Rungu” Glynn
Walter “Wildbone” McFarlane
Walter Lewis
Wayne “Hogman” Olivera
Wilhelm “London” White
William “Billy” Smith
Wilmore Staine
Wilton Meighan, Jr.
Windell “Sam Cooke” Belgrave
Windell Middleton
Winston “Cadiroy” Denton
“Barrellito” of Chitos
“Bob Gibson”
“Camel” Haylock
“Chicka” Smith
“Cowboy” Hernandez
“Eezy” of ASC
“File” McFarlane
“Half a D” Pascascio
“Jumping Jack” Sutherland
“Lanzi” Longsworth
“Larkins” Garcia
“Mentes” Smith
“Mundo” Myvette
“Nine” Arnold
“P&G” Coyoc
“Peel Bat” Martin
“Peeto” Robateau
“Pops” from Landivar
“Ranny Soul”
“Rivelino” Smith
“Rummy” Martinez
“Sergeant” Duncan
“Tamango” goalie for Sugar Boys
“Tang” Coye
“Tin Tan” Reynolds

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