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Former George Street boss’s son murdered

SourceDayne Guy

BELIZE CITY, Fri. May 7, 2021– Seventeen-year-old Gerald Tillett, Jr., son of the deceased gang leader, Gerald “Shiney” Tillett, Sr., was shot to death in Belize City on Thursday, May 6, 2021. The Belize Police Department remains highly vigilant, due to the high likelihood that associates of Tillett will retaliate.

According to reports, sometime before 7:00 p.m. Thursday, Tillett, Jr., was riding his bicycle on Baghdad Street when he was greeted by two individuals who accompanied him down Mosul Street. Unbeknownst to Tillett, one of the individuals had a gun, which he later pulled out — firing several shots in the teenager’s direction, which fatally wounded him.

Upon arriving at the scene, Precinct One police officers examined the area, where they found several expended shells and the motionless body of Tillett some distance away from his bicycle. Police have since arrested and charged eighteen-year-old Kaleif Raheim Caceres of West Street with the murder of Tillett. Surveillance footage that was gathered from the area led to the initial arrest. Police believe that Caceres is a member of a gang that is a rival of the George Street Gang, of which Tillett, Jr.’s father had reportedly been the head.

Tillett’s father, Gerald “Shiney” Tillett, was murdered in a similar fashion, five years ago. Gerald Tillett, Sr. had been seated around a wooden table at the Wadani Shed in Dangriga, where he spent his last moments. He was later blindsided by a man dressed in black who fired shots in his direction, ultimately killing him. Five years later, his son suffered the same fate, on the streets of Belize City.

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