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Who ignores history, repeats its mistakes. So Mr. Faber has engineered the appointment of two Gender Policy advocates to be judges of the Supreme Court of Belize.

How easily tyrants forget: THE BLOOD OF MARTYRS IS THE SEED OF CHRISTIANS. Throughout the whole world, down through the centuries, the persecution of Christians by bloody Caesars helped to spread the Good News throughout the Roman Empire and beyond, eventually even to Belize!

By what authority were these appointments made so close to an election?! Very unfortunate for Faber and his party. Belizeans will not yield to the wholesale paganizing of its sons and daughters! No matter how much filthy lucre is pumped into the coffers of Red Candidates. There shall be a total rejection of the homosexual agenda.

INSPITE of the rejection of the Gender Policy, there is no hate, but the love of Christ, whose fervent desire is that we all follow God’s will expressed in the Decalogue and in various places of the Holy Bible.

From the very earliest beginnings of Judeo-Christian civilization and culture, Almighty God demonstrated His will for human sexuality, for Adam loved all animal creatures God had created for him, but he expressed no intimacy with any of them. He became fully MAN only when he saw WOMAN and became her lover. In due course Cain and Abel were born. Very early in our history, God had created the Family.

Great pity for them: the rulers of the Gender Policy reject the obvious truth of the Bible, of history, and of Faith. But we with patience and unfailing love still embrace them, for we too, though now saved, have trodden the path of rejection and unfaith until Jesus, suspended between heaven and earth, whispered: all for you, my beautiful brother, my beautiful sister. I love you and hereby give my life for you!

I understand that the new leader prefers a later date over an early one. Good idea! More time will give him an opportunity for much needed education for his party and for all of us, because those ideas may filter out to the rest of us.

Some ideas that the whole country may profit from…

Wouldn’t it be good to have seminars for all political candidates to experience lectures, debates, discussions, talks and papers on the Preamble of the Constitution, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the Constitution?!

At this time in our history we Belize, as a nation, must understand fully the best ideas ever written by man in a secular document.

Surely, even those who claim not to be theists must deep down in their hearts recognize that rights must be inalienable. If we ourselves give them to ourselves or the most powerful do, then yours survives only until you meet a person as a force who is more powerful. Then, unfortunately, my sympathy goes to you!

As for me, I think I’ll continue to think that they came from a merciful Father. And He never takes them away, even if I use them to defy his Law. He values my FREE love so greatly that maybe too often He allows me to be in defiance of His rules for order and peace. In this passing world of uncertainty and faithlessness, perhaps one day we will all agree that He is the best one to be in charge of rights!

Because the Almighty is infinite GOODNESS, freedom cannot mean what too many of us think: that it means you do what you WANT. In a more perfect existence we shall always want what is good and true. Now, we want and desire what passions, lust and inclinations push us to reach out to.

Freedom, then, must mean: to have the power to choose GOOD and TRUTH.

Who am I to talk with such authority about these things? Actually, what I have said and I keep writing about is a mere smidgen of the depth and richness of Western Civilization. But there is no doubt that the greatest values are of the Jewish and Christian religion and culture. Does this imply that Jews and Christians have been, or are, excellent? By no means. Yet, I continue to urge all Belizeans that we continue to dedicate ourselves, or start, if we have not, to excellence in all human pursuits. One of these should be promoting family life — with one man, one woman, and children.

Because we promote excellence, we strenuously avoid demonizing any person, or political party. We want all our politicians, Blue and Red, to change and to choose excellence rather than “we are not as bad as the other guys.” I shall not vote for anyone who comes to me with that line.

The only person that I actually knew who was a star in political performance was George Price. But he was not perfect, and I did not join his party, because he advocated victimization — the greatest enemy of NATIONAL UNITY. Doesn’t victimization tell you that the polling success of the party is more essential than the good of every citizen in the country?! Eventually, it defeats the perpetrator, because opponents counter with tricks and illegatries. Talk to the Reds. They and their advisors have been very successful! But let us stop this nonsense! It promotes CORRUPTION, big-time.

Finally, may I sign off repeating a suggestion already made elsewhere that we add an article (3) to Chapter 1 of the Constitution that constitutional change can be effected only by a REFERENDUM.

Thankfully, I am recovering smartly from recent surgery.

To our leaders: Beware of your personal behaviour! The phones of today can so easily photograph you in blackmailable situations. Peace!

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