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Future changes on the American continent

FeaturesFuture changes on the American continent


I believe that the President of the United States, Joe Biden’s, 9th Summit of the Americas which took place in Los Angeles, U.S.A, will bring many changes in the future on our continent. Therefore, I believe the following, which I would like to share with you, our dear readers of this column, is of much importance. It was posted on the YouTube channel “El Chapucero INTERNACIONAL” on June 9, 2022. It is as follows:

…. Welcome, everyone, to “El Chapucero INTERNACIONAL”. I’m Gaby López. Venezuela applied the old reliable, “When you are not invited to a big meeting, you act as if you are too busy to be able to attend”, and at this moment, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, did that in the face of the refusal of his counterpart Joe Biden, the American, to invite him to the Summit of the Americas. Meanwhile, Biden greeted more than 20 leaders from the Western Hemisphere in Los Angeles; three of those were excluded from the meeting, which was Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. In this case, Maduro is holding his own very high-level talks on the other side of the globe. The Venezuelan leader hastily flew to Ankara to meet with his Turkish counterpart. Maduro took advantage of the opportunity he was having and the spotlight due to his negative invitation to the Summit of the Americas and criticized Biden’s decision not to invite him for practically a whim. After this decision was finally made known, Maduro made what appears to be a last-minute visit to Turkey. Under Venezuelan law, the head of state must receive prior authorization from Congress to travel abroad on official visits. The national assembly, which is practically controlled by Maduro, confirmed this authorization on Tuesday night, an hour after the presidential plane had landed in Turkey.

The main objective of this visit was clear from the beginning. Maduro is sending a message that regardless of the exclusion of the US, there will always be people around the world willing to receive him, especially to do business. Especially because after his meeting with the Turkish president, he arrived on the night of this June 8 in Algeria, the second country he visits on that international tour, and the president of Algeria received Nicolás Maduro at the presidential palace, where they held a meeting to talk about strengthening their alliances. Through his social networks, the Venezuelan president has been sharing images and videos about this international and business tour that he is carrying out internationally. One of these welcomes was the one he received from the president of Algeria, where the president shared these images with a somewhat significant message, “Beautiful welcome at the El Mouradia Presidential Palace of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. On behalf of the Venezuelan people I thank President Adbelmadjid Tebboune for his friendship. Another new world is possible, thanks to the cooperation between nations.” Practically, what Maduro is trying to say with this message is that it does not matter what the United States does or does not do to him, if he does not want to invite him to its summit or if he prefers, as such, to continue sanctioning him just as it is doing at this moment against Russia. No matter what the US does, Maduro, and in this case, Venezuela, they have the opportunity to do business with other countries.

Such is also the case when he was in Turkey, where the president declared that during this meeting three new agreements were signed in the areas of tourism, agriculture and monetary finance. Until now, it is unknown as such which other countries will be visited by Nicolás Maduro during this virtually improvised tour. But the positions that Venezuela, Turkey and Nicaragua have are very similar. They are targets, as such, of the threats that Washington has been making for years. These countries try, as such, to avoid US restrictions and promote their commercial ties, in the first place, in the energy and tourism sectors, and this is the first energy sector that is the most important, because at the moment there is a worldwide shortage, as such, of oil in what is the European Union because they do not want to pay it in what is the national currency, in this case, speaking of the conflict that involves Russia. At the moment in which the European Union does not want to agree to the terms and conditions of Russia so that they buy the oil of this country with their national currency, the Americans have the idea that if they do not buy the oil right now from Russia, there will come a point at which the Russians will have to lower prices themselves in order to get rid of the excess oil they have as such.

But there is a very important detail that hardly anyone has been commenting on. Algeria, a couple of hours ago, has broken, as such, its friendship treaties with Spain. What does this mean? That any business he had, talking about energy, economy, tourism, doesn’t matter; as such, business was broken. At this moment, a new treaty will start talking specifically about Algeria. At the moment in which it decided to break these ties with one of the members of the European Union, it means that it is Algeria that will decide the prices or the payment to be made by Spain to return to consume its gas and oil as such. Algeria currently provides or provided more than 30 percent of the gas consumed by this Spanish country. So, when Venezuela approaches to meet with Algeria, with Turkey, these three countries have something very strong in common, oil. Venezuela, regardless of all the sanctions it has suffered from the US, is a strong country rich in oil. So, that these three countries begin to have, as such, an economic alliance, it will only be that more and more the US is losing commercial power because when it can no longer purchase oil from Venezuela, because in the first instance the US has just snubbed and not invited Nicolás Maduro to the Summit of the Americas for simply not liking him, any idea that Joe Biden has in his head at that moment, at the moment in which he decided to reject any business opportunity talking about oil with Venezuela, is going to be harder on them every time.

The US is beginning to fall into a crisis, as much as they do not want to say it. They try to hide it more and more. They blame Russia due to its war with Ukraine for all the ills that are brewing worldwide, when it is they, the US and the European Union, that vetoed Russia from any type of trade with all the sanctions that they implemented. They did the same to Venezuela and Cuba. However, Russia has plenty of material with which to discuss what trade really is. As much European territory depends on, in this case, Russian gas and oil are stagnant as such. Venezuela has an opportunity to approach Turkey and Algeria to reach, to a certain extent, Russia, to also begin to strengthen ties and do business. Let’s hope that this trip that Nicolás Maduro is making has an end that really benefits the Venezuelan people, that can really shut up Joe Biden, that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t invite him to his summit because he practically took over what this organization is, to bring together all the nations of the American continent at a time when he decided to exclude three countries. Later we will see what will be the outcome of this tour that Maduro is making and what are the main points or trade agreements that he managed to reach, thanks, practically, to the fact that the United States decided to reject him.

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June 11, 2022

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