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Gagged man in viral video denies abuse allegations

GeneralGagged man in viral video denies abuse allegations

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Aug. 11, 2022

A video of a man gagged and tied up by a woman who appeared to be his common-law wife went viral on social media this week. The woman accused the man of sexually abusing their child, and had him bound by the hands and feet at knifepoint. The visibly distraught individual, since identified as Dorian Anderson, 35, has publicly denied the allegations made against him in the video – which, according to reports, is at least two months old.

The incident took place in Ladyville. Anderson, who has described the allegations against him as baseless and untrue, told local media that he had gone to the home to deliver some money to the woman when the incident took place. He has further claimed that she, the mother of his child, stole the entire contents of his wallet following the incident.

Before his going public, many viewers of the video had expressed approval of the actions of the mother, who was praised for taking justice into her own hands. But now many are questioning the validity of her story.

The police will be left to determine whether or not her claims are true, since Anderson, the man seen tied up in the video, has filed a report against the woman, who remains unidentified. He called for a medical examination of the child to be done, and if it is determined that the child has not been abused, he wants the mother of the child to face punitive action, including imprisonment.

Protecting the child’s identity is paramount, since the allegations made are of a serious nature, and it has still not been determined if the claims made in the video are genuine or not. At this point, however, this viral video which has been seen by thousands of persons online has already marred the reputation of Anderson, who says that he might even be at risk of losing his job.

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