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Government will regret its football decision

Dear Editor,

I’m fighting hard with myself not to comment and to just observe how far our government will insist that they should not pick up the tab for Team Belize, our national football team, in their quest to be the best at the Gold Cup tournament in the United States at this eleventh hour. The most important assets of any nation are its people.These guys who will represent us are not just citizens of this country: they are the future.To ignore their cry for assistance to perform for our country on the world stage is a travesty. I have never seen any country abandon their youth just because they want to play football at the highest level.The decision for not assisting our team the way they should, will be a decision that this government will regret for many years to come.

So why do our leaders of this beautiful nation of Belize don’t want to see our youth succeed? I wonder is it because they have made history in Belizean football by qualifying for the Gold Cup in The United States. or is it because they are so gifted athletically that they could land a big contract with world-class football clubs and make millions of dollars for themselves and their families? Really, I doubt it Is because these guys could be our true heroes and become role models for our children, or is it that our marginalized youth will recognize that there is another way to achieve in life rather than holding a gun? I’m still searching for answers and I would like our government to come forward to explain.

I’m in total disbelief and it’s a very embarrassing moment for me at this time to be a Belizean – win, lose or draw, I am convinced that this team has already made huge strides in a positive direction in the sporting world. Gone are the days when we used to tell our children not to play sports because there is no future in that. This team has put our country on the world stage in a positive light and that is an achievement by itself.

This situation looks so terrible for this government It’s like they have declared war on our youth, the most vulnerable group of our population. How about the Opposition? What is their position? It would be very interesting to see how they would have handled this. I’m convinced our country is lacking true and genuine leadership; the future is bleak. Why not just dissolve the Ministry of Aports if this is what we should expect? It does not help anyone.

I will never give up on our boys and you have made us as true Belizeans proud. We believe that you will win. Go Belize.

100% Belizean
Joseph Alvarez

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