Letters — 31 May 2013 — by TOM GREENWOOD

Hon. Manuel Heredia
Minister of Tourism


FECTAB adds its strongest objections to those many already stating their objections to the proposal by Norwegian Cruise Lines to purchase an island in the south of Belize for use as a cruise tourism destination, and in general, use of the South of Belize by cruise lines.

This would be a total ecological and tourism disaster for the pristine South of the country, as well as a disaster for the several thousands allready involved and deeply financially tied to the cruise operations in the Belize District.

The records show that exclusivity granted to cruise lines in purchasing islands in other areas of the Caribbean, ended up cutting out the local populations of those countries, as the cruise lines enjoyed total income levels on all activities.

The now well underway Tourism Zone Project in Belize City will be the first to suffer loss, along with the Belize City Council revenues gained from cruise activity. Again, loss of income to operators and suppliers at every level would be catastrophic.

FECTAB hopes that Cabinet will turn down, forthwith, any proposal to allow cruise tourism in the South of Belize. The concept that this would provide much needed work for our people in the South is a false one. NCL, as well as other cruise lines now using the Belize Port, naturally would like to avoid tendering and all other services to be minimized for obvious financial reasons.

Please keep the South of Belize pollution and mass tourism free, and preserve the South for longstay tourism, as it is presently headed.

President, FECTAB

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