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Greg Flowers, 17, drowns in Macal River

Greg Flowers, 17, a student majoring in forensics at the University of Belize, drowned on Friday evening at around 5:00 in the Macal River. Two days later, on November 27, at around 2:00 p.m., his body was found about 20 feet from the Hummock Bridge in the Branch Mouth area by a team of divers from the rescue team.
Flowers, originally a resident of Orange Walk Town, had been staying at a family member’s house in Esperanza Village, Cayo District, to attend classes in Belmopan.
Today, an aunt of Flowers told us that he did not know how to swim. The aunt said she began calling Flowers on his phone on Friday evening, but a policeman answered the phone and told her that Flowers was dead. His body was found in the river near Santa Familia, San Ignacio.
Flowers had told his relatives that he was heading to Mr. Greedy’s Pizza, San Ignacio Town. He was allegedly in the company of three men, two of whom are said to be members of EMO, which is, we understand, an abbreviation of “emotion” — a reference to the exaggerated emotional pain that the members of this cult supposedly experience.
We are told that some teens in Belize have made it into a lifestyle. Some “Emos” lower themselves into deep states of depression in an attempt to get attention. Emos are also known to cut themselves or inflict self-injury in other ways.
Apparently, instead of going to the pizzeria, Flowers headed to the river bank, along with the three men.
The aunt said that so far, the three men have given distinctly different accounts on how Flowers drowned: One of the males said that he saw Flowers in the water, and that he jumped in to help him, but that Flowers was pulling him down, and seeing that the other two were coming to Flower’s rescue, he let him go.
The other man said that Flowers had jumped into the water after a foot of his tennis shoe had fallen off. He said he then left Flowers with the other two men.
The third male said that he saw Flowers jump in the water. That was all the family could get out of him.
A witness, though, has since said he heard a splash and then saw three men on the river bank laughing, and that Flowers was struggling to stay afloat, and had both of his hands in the air. The witness said the men did nothing to save Flowers. The witness also said it appeared that the men were planning to leave the area.
Amandala understands that one of the men, a minor, is being questioned by police.
Since the incident, several of Flowers’ Facebook friends have expressed their sincere condolences for his passing.
Kreslynne Kyrah Banner writes, “Am still in denial… can’t believe we just got to know each other and now you’re already gone… you’re going to be missed by everyone who’s heart you had touched with your warm smile and friendship. R.I.P Greg Flowers. Going to miss u!”
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