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Healing the Inner Self

There is no doubt that we are unmatched. First we form an idea, situation or circumstances and then we put a name to it, a label; then we look for a way to force others to buy this label and defend it with body and soul. Any idea — whether a big business, a political party, religious organizations, clubs, etc., etc. — in any case, it is a way to scam using the most sensitive part of a human being, which is the feeling of wanting to be understood in love, believing that this is where happiness lies. This feeling is caused by the skillful system of teachings in which the human being is involved, without realizing that in reality he or she is being handled and is being mentally dependent on a corrupt system, within which the organizations with famous names are in charge of exploiting the part that corresponds to them in exchange for supplying them with a little of the psychological drug to calm the other Self.

Unfortunately, this system has such deep roots in education that its ideas have been imparted to us throughout our lives, so much so that it would be almost impossible to tear them out of our minds, but why tear them out if we think we are happy like that? The only bad thing about this is that by defending our idea we are causing a war among ourselves by wanting to impose our truth without giving ourselves the opportunity to clean our minds of the garbage imposed by others, in order to find the truth of ourselves without psychological intervention of other thoughts. The teaching that we are given is to learn a trade, profession, etc., and this is what they want us to believe — that we can achieve intelligence. However, what we learn is to become skilled in an activity, but not to develop our thinking to look for the unhealthy parts of our being, even if it is part of us as human beings. For example, envy goes hand in hand with hatred, and this leads to harmful behavior, both for ourselves and for others. But what if we learn to think and ask ourselves: Why do I envy and hate? And we try to find the cause of these feelings.

To do this we will have to be quite honest with ourselves to find the truth of what makes us unhappy. Once the reason for the problem is found, we will have the opportunity to discard that feeling that has been hurting us and that makes us hurt other people. It is obvious that we will not achieve it in a day, but with practice, as long as we are aware that we want that change in us, and the internal benefit that it will bring us will give us the opportunity to see things as they are now. We will not have to be carrying the weight of that pain that the suffering of envy causes us.

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November 13, 2021
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