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Thurs. Feb. 29, 2024

Dear Editor,

Through this medium I would like to extend my belated condolences to the X on the passing of his beloved wife.

As someone with a close family member suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis, I fully understood his plight. Belize has no physician specialist to treat this terribly debilitating condition; we have to take them to Guatemala, Mexico or U.S.A. 

Also, I saw a publication on the news where GoB has eliminated fees from public hospitals, except from KHMH. Great move, but Belize needs much more than that. 

We need quality healthcare. We need lots more specialists in our hospitals.

It irks me whenever I see people at the speed bumps asking for donations for help in taking care of their sick ones, and Social Security bragging about being “very liquid” (super rich $130 million) and not having to go back to their contributors.

I once read in one of their pamphlets that they are not in the Healthcare Business. Methinks they should be. They have all this cash looking for where to invest it, when it should be invested right back into the people who pay it.

One of the biggest businesses in the world is healthcare, but it needs tons of cash investment.

Social Security should make a state-of-the-art facility, train doctors, make sure the “contributors” are well taken care of, pay a minimum fee, and those who are not contributors, pay fully for the service. They would make back their investment and more. People would have no need of running across the borders for proper healthcare.

As is, SS is mostly a sickness and pension fund.  

The contributors’ healthcare expense is out of their own pocket, unless they can lobby somebody to help them. Our private hospitals and clinics are super expensive; ask anyone.

I do not agree with the NHI system. We need healthcare for all, not just a registered few.

The politicians are the ones who call the shots for SSB policies. We need to pressure them for this. I’ve spoken with quite a few people and they all agree that we need better.

The PUP have a bit of socialist inclination; this would be their best project. The highways and streets are getting good; not the best, but good enough. Now, let’s take care of the people’s health, our most valuable asset. 

Nuff said.

Romel Cuello

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