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Hodgepodge of local/world views with an eye on America

Mr. Brian E. Plummer, in his letter to the Amandala editor on Friday, sees an America in decline and says their decision to take out an Iranian general was a poor decision. It was not the right thing to do, and to be victorious a war must be seen as the right thing to do, Mr. Plummer says.

I look the same way at laws. An effective law is one that the people believe in. Sometimes the lawmakers can get away with a stupid law for a while if they fool the people with propaganda and other biased information. In the beginning, the crazy law only hurts the people it targets, but inexorably the pain will spread and hurt the nation. Inexorably too, the truth will come out. Unfortunately the philistines are long in correcting their madness/bias, and the country continues to go through a lot of pain.

In case anybody makes the mistake of thinking that anything UNIBAM is in my mind there, the answer is no. Regarding this UNIBAM, I gave my two cents for rights to the closet, while a lot of people who were against rights to the closet took the position because they foresaw that some people would want to stretch an inch into a yard.

Prohibition in the US (1919-1933) is what passed through my mind, but the real story for me is the US-imposed drug laws that have caused so much pain in our country and region.

Returning to the declining America, I have to note that Mr. Bill Lindo, another Belizean who makes science-based calculations, also sees the American empire as Mr. Plummer does. I don’t know all that Mr. Plummer meant when he wrote that we must make strategic maneuvers at this time, but Mr. Lindo, a very bold brother, has said that we should move away from the Eagle. Point blank I will say to Mr. Lindo, No Sir, we ride first with the British, and we stay close to the Eagle. I don’t support a lot of US war activities, but we go down with them. In this world you have to choose your bomb owner.

If you look at these bomb owners – USA, UK, Europe, Russia, China, India (with Pakistan and Israel to note) – after the UK and the USA our most natural ally is India. Both the USA and India have been under the heel of the British, and so much of the governance systems of these countries are similar to ours. The US broke away early, 1776 I think, and India didn’t get its independence until after WW II (1947), so we’ve been sharing a lot with India for a long, long time. India is also a member of the Commonwealth, a bond we share.

The one thing that keeps us from profiting from strengthening these ties, which were developed over a couple centuries, is that India is hamstrung by religious divisions. The Hindus and Muslims in particular have deep problems, and their discord bogs down the development of India. On top of that, predominantly Hindu India and their neighbor, predominantly Muslim Pakistan, can’t find peace, and no outside party deserves the blame for that. This is also strictly religious, Hindu versus Muslim.

Hmm, in some quarters the British get major blame for dividing India into India and Pakistan, and we remember that the celebrated Mahatma Ghandi did his best to hold the country together, but how do you mix oil and water? When the British dominated India, they were the “emulsifier”, a heel over both Hindu and Muslim. We know the horror that came after India was divided, but I wouldn’t give good odds for that country staying together after they forced the British out.

The only way you can hold a country together is if you stomp out religion, like the communists, or there is a dominant religion. These countries with dis ya religious group and dat deh religious group packing power, they are oil and water, only homogenous if there is an emulsifier in the form of a foreign power stomping on all their heads.

This America, the one presently under Trump, they are making a lot of moves, some that seem strange and some that aren’t that hard to figure out. The real for the ruling crowd is that they have a number of issues at their core that are giving them fever. I’m not figuring order of importance here, but cheap foreign labor (immigration), homosexuality, abortion, issues with black/brown, China, are bugging white minds in America.

All empires decline, and the elements that support Donald Trump are of the view that their time is ticking out and only some major interventions can save them. Trump and his friends, a very close one named Steve Bannon, believe the trade deals Bill Clinton and the second George Bush made, and everything Barack Obama did, hurt the country. They believe the trade agreements, NAFTA for example, serve the giant corporations and hurt “regular” Americans. We have seen Mr. Trump renegotiate the trade deals.

From as early as the 1990s, the Evangelicals were saying that homosexual license and Hollywood corruption were dooming America, and some of them had tagged Belize as the New Jerusalem. Well, Caleb and Lisa and Special Envoy are hell bent on breaking up those plans. Fascinatingly, in this homosexual story no one gives a daam about what women are doing with women, but women are at the fore with their support of gay men. Some heterosexual males are tolerant enough to support the knocking down of Section 53, but there is not ONE heterosexual man on the planet who wants to know what their gay brothers are doing in the closet.

Trump seems quite tolerant of all the gay ehm, paraphernalia, but he has latched on hook, line and sinker to the Evangelicals, because their support is essential to his agendas.

Homosexuality is a black and white issue, meaning it’s a simple story (that has become complicated because people are never satisfied). Abortion, now there’s an issue with a lot of threads. Some people have reversed their position on homosexuality because a family member turned up that way, but common sense tells you that they held a position that wasn’t right from the get-go. We are in grave error if we hate homosexuals. But blessing what they do in a closet is not in our DNA.

It’s easy to say you are flat out against abortion, but on that one you can’t talk until you are in that position. I think that keeping up the pressure is essential, though, because there is nothing trivial about ending life.

A lot of white people over there were mostly worried about black people, but now their biggest sweat is brown. What they are fighting is unwinnable. The brown people will become the majority in that country.

It’s nonsense to say that Trump isn’t a racist because he once had a girlfriend who had some non-white blood. For one, the girl looked Caucasoid, and for two, a man has to be really sick if he isn’t physically drawn to a healthy woman because she belongs to another race. Racism becomes serious business when people start competing with unfair methods, and become violent.

I won’t say that Trump is a racist, but he’s definitely supremacist. I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with feeling like your race is superior. We Kriol can’t really have those feelings because we are so mix up, mix up, but it’s an issue for the “pure” races. Our great hero, Marcus Garvey, didn’t see anything wrong with the KKK feeling that they were better than black people, because Marcus felt that white people weren’t the equal of black people.
The next big bug for the ruling Americans is the phenomenal rise of China. Ah, China, when I was a boy in high school, my classmate, Mario Sabido, told me that he picked up a book that his dad was reading, and he read this quote: Let China sleep. When she awakes … I know what was predicted for China, but I forgot the verbatim of the quote, so I went to Google. The report there is that the quote is attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, and the exact statement is: “China is a sleeping lion. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.”

Well, the sleeping lion awoke, and our brother country, USA, can’t sleep for sweating over that. The activities of the Americans under Trump to put the brake on them are high intrigue. Briefly, they weaken Europe, they draw closer to Russia, and they bring a major frontal to trade with China. I want to hear what others have to say about that. Me, I’m out of ink, so I duck out, for now.

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