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In honor of Ignacia Cacho’s 115th birthday

July 15, 2019

Dear Editor,

Greetings! We have been holding our monthly Jahmaniez Open Mic Night Eventz at the Ignacia Cacho Library in Dangriga Town since October, 2015. This is an event where the community is invited to participate and perform skits, share riddles, read a passage, sing a song or recite a poem in the language of their choice.

Our performers are not professionals, but they can entertain the audience for about an hour or so at least, and no one gets bored and everyone has a good time with clean, family entertainment. We have had the young boy who recited the poem about his apple and at the end he bit into it unexpectedly, as well as the grandfather who shared an Ode to what he experienced in Dangriga before he went away and compared it to events happening today.

In honor of our Patron, whose name is on our library and who would have celebrated her 115th birthday if she was alive, we will do a tribute to her next Thursday, July 18, 2019, where we will sing happy birthday to her.

I would appreciate if you can print this letter and the poem as we again express our gratitude to her son, Mr. Cornelius “Pat” Cacho; his cousin, Mr. Prosporo Castillo; and all the other family members who continue to contribute to the development of this library as we work on the upstairs.

This library is a symbol of what happens when citizens, the Dangriga Town Council and the Government of Belize work together for the improvement of the people of Belize.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

B. D. Marin
Dangriga Town

Poem for Ignacia Cacho’s 115th birthday at Open Mic Night

I – Integrity to the maximum; you always had more than enough.
G – Generous to everyone who needed your assistance.
N – Never left anyone feeling unimportant at any occasion.
A – Always available when called upon by those near and far.
C – Caring for family, friends, neighbors and even strangers when you saw the need.
I – Intelligent in so many ways, beyond your wildest imagination.
A – Aspired to always be the best you to all those you met along the way.
C – Chef to those who hungered at your table for food for the soul.
A – Always kind and sharing what you did not have if the less fortunate needed it more.
C – Concerned for the plight of other people.
H — Honest was what you endeavored your best to be and taught your son “Pat”.
O – Outstanding woman of her time.

Mrs. Ignacia Cacho, the community of the Stann Creek District and the world beyond will always remember your name due to this library that your son, Mr. Cornelius “Pat” Cacho, and other family members inaugurated in July, 2003, in your name in collaboration with the Dangriga Town Council and the Government of Belize.

The generations of children who have passed through these doors will reminisce to their children of how good their summer camps were here, planting turmeric, painting their Clorex bottles as planters or playing at ballat the Wahima Beach up the street.

Or an American child in Florida can say they enjoyed watching the Belizean children singing songs, sharing riddles or reciting their poems in Garifuna, Spanish or Maya at our monthly Open Mic Night Eventz in Dangriga Town on live stream with their parents.

The collaborations with the American students of Peacework of Arkansas or the ones from Global Leadership Adventures from New York, Ohio or Texas who return home to boast of their community service accomplished at the Ignacia Cacho Library with the local youths of our community will pass on from generations to generations with pictures to prove this point.

Your library, named in your honor, is the best in the world, second to none, as we are the only library directly in front of the Caribbean Sea and I always remind everyone of that fact.

We thank you, Mrs. Ignacia Cacho Castillo, your son Mr. Cornelius “Pat” Cacho, Mr. Prosporo Castillo, your nephew and all your other family members who continue to be instrumental in the development of this library as we work on building the upstairs to be a community development area for the education, entertainment and betterment of the people of Stann Creek District. Thanks! Gracias! Seremein!

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