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Independence 8-Ball Tournament – Belize City

BELMOPAN, Tues. Sept. 24, 2019– The Belize District Billiards Association (BDBA) organized an 8-ball tournament for male and female in celebration of Independence Day on Sept 22 and 23, 2019 at Long Island Bar in Belize City.

The results are as follows:

FEMALE (12 players registered):  1st – Won by Reina Cano of Orange Walk ($600.00, 1 trophy and 1 case of Belikin Beer); 2nd – Won by Silvani Leiva ($300.00, 1 trophy and 1 case Belikin Beer); 3rd – Won by Mareli Chata of Orange Walk ($100.00, medal); 4th – Won by Breann Young ($50.00, medal).

MALE (40 players registered):  1st  – Won by Francisco Rodriguez of Salvador ($1200.00, 1 trophy and 3 cases Belikin Beer); 2nd – Won by Luis Valdez of Corozal ($600.00, 1 trophy and  2 cases Belikin Beer); 3rd –  Won by Wilman Mejia of Belize City ($300.00, 1 trophy and 1 case Belikin Beer); 4th – Won by Manuel Ramos of Belize City ($100.00, medal); 5th – Won by Nain Rosado of Orange Walk ($50.00, medal). It must be shared that Luis Valdez was undefeated going into the finals, and had defeated Francisco Rodriguez in an earlier first round. But, in the grand finals when Francisco and Luis clashed, it was a “clasico” that saw Francisco winning two sets by 3-nil, and then 3-1, respectively. That’s how it ended, with an international player becoming the champ.

The BDBA expresses thanks to Mr. Nelson Mejia of Long Island Bar, Mr. Jose Coye, and Bowen and Bowen for their sponsorship. The Belize Billiards Sports Federation (BBSF) congratulates and thanks the entire BDBA members under the leadership of Mr. Allan McCoy, President of the BDBA, for organizing an open tournament for both males and females.

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