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Independence High School Invaders stun Honduras 6-2 in boys football at CODICADER Games in Panama

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 19, 2018– Thanks to reporter William Ysaguirre, who provided us with the following details on the football games being played by Belize’s Independence High School Invaders boys (M) and St. Ignatius High School girls (F) at the CODICADER Games in Panama.

Mon. Sept. 17, 2018

(F) St. Ignatius High lost 3-1 to Guatemala on Sunday afternoon. Guatemala’s Andrea Alvarez Donis, Julia Lopez Hernandez and Nayeli Bocel Perez each scored a goal, to lead 3-0 before Kelly Dawson scored for Nashus, making it 3-1 at the half. No goals were scored in 2nd half.

(F) Ashley Rodriguez, lately of Rumberas fame, scored Nashus’ only goal in their 6-1 loss to Panama on Friday morning at the FIFA Goal Project Stadium – Estadio Luis E. Cascarita Tapia.

(M) The 2018 NSSSA male MVP Alwynn Zelaya and Alexis Chan each scored a goal in Independence High boys’ 7-2 loss to Panama at the Maracana Stadium on Saturday.

(M) On Sunday, Alexis Chan scored Independence High’s only goal in a 3-1 loss to Guatemala at Estadio Luis E. Cascarita Tapia.

Wed. Sept. 19, 2018

Independence Invaders stunned Honduras 6-2

(M) Independence Invaders stunned Honduras 6-2 at the 20th CODICADER Games at the University of Panama football field on Wednesday, September 19.

Tyler Cho scored the 1st goal with an assist from Jeffton Apolonio, who scored the 2nd goal. Honduras had scored first, making it 2-1, Belize ahead, at the half.

In 2nd half, heavy rain came down, as 2018 NSSSA football MVP Alwynn Zelaya scored Belize’s 3rd and 6th goals. In between those, Honduras had scored a 2nd goal, making it 3-2.

IHS’ central defence Henry Palma came from way backfield to score a left foot golazo from 30 yds, just inside the right post: 4-2.

Jeffton Apolonio scored the 5th goal: 5-2.

Alwynn’s bullet from the edge of the 18-yd box: 6-2 Final.

Alexis Chan of Orange Walk Mundialito is with Invaders.  He got kicked in the head, which opened a cut that will need stitches. But after being attended by the medics, who bandaged his forehead, he played the whole game!

The artificial turf gets really hot, and we had watched Panama win 3-1 vs Nicaragua, who were tied 1-1 in 1st half.

3 red cards – 2 to Panama and 1 red to Nicaragua – plus 6 yellow cards!

The heat blew across the field to us watching in the stands, like air out of an oven!

The rain was a cooling mercy!

 (Amandala Sports Ed. Note: Belize is being represented at the CODICADER Games in Panama, which run from September 14–23, in football, basketball, triathlon, athletics and volleyball.  According to a copy of the game roster shared with us by Ysaguirre, the IHS team captain was #10 Jardehl Muschamp, and sub-captain was #9 Jeffton Apolonio. William said in his email that Jardehl “played the entire game vs Honduras” and “was the next forward striker paired with Jeffton Apolonio.” That was apparently the plan, but Jardehl actually played midfield in the game, according to our sources. This Independence team that defeated Honduras, 6-2, seems to have some ingredients for a future All Belize squad. We can’t recall any Belize football team at CODICADER that has accomplished a similar feat.)

Photo: William Ysaguirre

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