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Installation of friendship group Mexico—Russian Federation: Part 2

FeaturesInstallation of friendship group Mexico—Russian Federation: Part 2

Permit me, our dear readers of this column, to present to you the following which was published on Youtube on March 23, 2022 entitled “En VIVO/ Instalación del Grupo de Amistad México – Federación de Rusia” (Installation of the friendship group Mexico – Russian Federation). I find what the Ambassador of Russia to Mexico, His Excellency, Victor Coronel, said in the Honorable Chamber of Deputies in Mexico City to be of utmost importance. Part 2 is as follows:

I would like to remind you that the current situation in Donbass and Ukraine is a consequence of the unconstitutional coup that took place in February 2014… The new Kiev regime began the fight against the Russian language and culture in a country with millions of Russian-speaking people… Someone asks me, what Nazism can we talk about today in Ukraine? Yes you can. We, well, my colleagues, my diplomats, brought information confirming the development of Nazism in Ukraine. Please distribute these pieces of evidence to your deputy friends and well, even to representatives of the media. Extrajudicial executions of political opponents in the persecution of dissidents have become a new normal among stretchers in Ukraine. I have a lot of respect for the Ukrainian people, the brother people of the Russian people. But I cannot have respect for this current government of Ukraine and I am going to give you an example that has nothing to do with Russia or with what is happening today in Ukraine.

I think you know that every year in the UN General Assembly a resolution is voted that condemns the economic and commercial blockade of the US against Cuba. They vote for it every year. It has enormous support from countries. Only two countries vote against, traditionally the US and Israel. Last year, on instructions from Washington, the Kiev government did not dare to vote in favor of this resolution. He abstained, despite the fact that in the 1980s and 1990s after the catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Cuban government, for 20 years, offered help, totally free medical help, to Ukrainian children who had the consequences of this catastrophe at the atomic power plant. Thousands, tens of thousands of Ukrainian children with their mothers, with their families, passed through Cuba to the Cuban government, receiving medical attention all at the cost of the Cuban government. Today, I repeat, the Ukrainian government does not dare to support the resolution of the UN National Assembly that condemns the commercial blockade against this valuable island.

I have to mention another thing; the massacre in the city of Odessa, the Ukrainian city of Odessa, perpetrated by Ukrainian radicals, was one of the most heinous acts that went unpunished so far…. These events were well- documented with photos and videos. However, I reiterate, 8 years have passed and not a single person has been imprisoned for this terrible crime.

Meanwhile, the Kiev regime continues to carry out incessant attacks against the civilian population of Donbass. On March 14, the Ukrainian tactical missile attack killed 20 civilians and injured 28 people, including children in the center of the city of Donetsk, which was a deliberate attack on civilians. It is worth mentioning that the missile had a warhead with receipt ammunition whose use in residential areas is classified as a war crime. However, we are still open to dialogue with the Ukrainian side. Several rounds of negotiations have already been held, as well as the meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine on the sidelines of a diplomatic forum in Turkey. There is some progress on the question of humanitarian routes. At the same time, the Ukrainian side hinders the education of local residents and foreign citizens of dangerous areas, as well as, does not spread information about community corridors among the population. There were cases when the nationalists shot civilians who wanted to leave the combat zones. Precisely, this happened on March 6 when fighters from the nationalist Azov battalion opened fire on civilians who were traveling through the Mariupol humanitarian corridor. Recently, as I said, we have faced a media campaign, unprecedented in its scale and preparation against our country…. All over the world we see many manifestations of discrimination and racial hatred.

(To be continued)
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April 3, 2022
Finca Solana

Corozal Town

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