General — 21 September 2019 — by Albert J. Ciego
Joeshee Chan, 18, falls out of pickup, rolled over by loaded trailer

MILE 70, PHILIP GOLDSON HIGHWAY, Corozal District, Wed. Sept. 18, 2019– Joeshee Chan, 18, a construction worker of Libertad, Corozal District, lost his life at about 8:00 yesterday morning when he fell out of the pan (cargo bed) of a pickup truck and was run over by a trailer.

Chan was sitting on the side of the pan of a pickup that was towing a trailer from Libertad to a destination in the Orange Walk district, when between Miles 69 and 70, the driver of the truck attempted to pass another vehicle, but had to brake, and swerved back into his lane because a vehicle was coming from the opposite direction.

This caused Chan to lose his balance, and he fell out of the pickup and landed on the road. Chan hit his head when he landed on the road, then the wheels on the left side of the trailer rolled over his body, and he was dragged a short distance.

Police say that he was picked up and rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital, but injuries to his head and upper body were too severe and he died before he reached the hospital.

Police say that Alexi Marcelo Chavarria, 22, a construction worker of Libertad, was the driver of the pickup, and Chan was his friend and co-worker.

Police say that Chavarria was served an NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution). Blood and urine samples were taken from him and submitted for testing.

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