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Kassman’s father speaks on son’s condition

SourceDayne Guy

Belize City, Thurs. Sept. 16, 2021– Today, Amandala reached out to the father of Kassman Gill, a 15-year-old Saint John’s College student who suffered a severe spinal injury a month ago after being gunned down on a street near his home as he headed to a friend’s house, to get an update on his condition. Kassman’s father, Cecil Gill, was at a loss for words as he conveyed the overwhelming grief his family is experiencing.

“My son is in a bad situation. My son might never walk again, “he said. Kassman, who currently lies paralyzed from the neck down and is currently unable to continue his schooling due to the instability of his condition, had dreamed of one day being a lawyer. According to his father, he had been eagerly awaiting the phased reopening of school, and the heartbroken father believes that the gunman who heartlessly wounded his son on Magazine Road, truly ruined his life.

Adding to the emotional turmoil of the situation, Kassman must endure all the emotional and physical pain he is experiencing alone. Due to the public health regulations enforced at the hospital, visitors are not allowed. Even his father has not seen him for almost a week. Cecil Gill also commented on the difficulties the family faces in covering the mounting costs of medical treatment for Kassman. “It is a financial and emotional challenge. I am barely working, and his mother had to stop working…I really wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” he said. Further compounding their frustration is the fact that a murder suspect is yet to be named. “Investigation is at a standstill. The person who shot him is still out there,” said Gill.

In an optimal scenario, Kassman would be transported abroad so that he may receive specialized treatment to perhaps prevent or limit permanent paralysis. But before that becomes a possibility, Kassman’s condition would have to be stabilized. “Before thinking of outside help, Kassman must be stabilized and he hasn’t been stabilized as yet. He is still on the ventilator,” Cecil Gill said. Despite this, Gill said he has been comforted by some signs of improvement in his son’s condition. His oxygen levels have normalized, to an extent, and the doctors are gradually reducing his dosage of sedatives, the father said.

Gill implores anyone who would like to offer assistance, donations or words of encouragement to contact the family at 604-1727 or 605-3186. “My son is suffering. We need assistance and whoever could reach out to us, my family would appreciate it. We are grateful to any assistance we could get,” he said.

Gill sobbed as he said with much fervor, “My son doesn’t know anyone, he doesn’t have any beef with anybody and he stayed home for the majority of the pandemic, yet they did this to him. These men should know who is their enemy. They should know who gang members are. Instead of shooting someone who has nothing to do with any gang.”

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