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Kyle Murillo, 31, arraigned for abducting ex-girlfriend

BELIZE CITY, Mon. April 1, 2019– Kyle Murillo, 31, a maintenance worker of Louise Bevans Street who allegedly abducted his ex-girlfriend, was charged with unlawful imprisonment and harm when he appeared today before Magistrate Christina Perera.

Murillo pleaded not guilty to unlawful imprisonment. He wanted to plead guilty to harm, but he was not satisfied with the facts of the case that were presented, so Magistrate Perera entered an equivocal plea of not guilty.

Murillo was offered bail of $4,000 and his case was adjourned until May 10.

The incident for which he has been charged, occurred on March 28. Murillo’s ex-girlfriend, Cecelee Bodden, 20, an unemployed resident of 9446 Cannondale Drive, reported to police that she was at home sitting on her sofa when she heard a soft knock on her front door.

She said that her sister, who was with her in the house, opened the door and when she looked at the doorway, she saw her ex-boyfriend, Murillo, standing by the door. She said Murillo told her, “Let’s go,” but she did not move, and she told him she would go when she was ready.

She said Murillo then grabbed her and he dragged her out of the house to a blue SUV that was parked by the gate. She said she struggled with him, but despite her struggles, he managed to open the back passenger side of the vehicle and he forced her into it.

She told police that Murillo’s brother, Yasser, was the driver, and while he was driving, Murillo held her in a way that made it difficult for her to open the door of the vehicle.

But in spite of that, she attempted to open the door of the vehicle and Murillo told her that if she made another attempt she would “feel,” and he began choking her and she decided to stop fighting back.

Bodden said they took her to the corner of Central American Boulevard and Jane Usher Boulevard and Murillo put her to sit on a bench. She said Murillo then punched her several times in her face and her face became swollen.

She said that after they released her and she made a police report, she was given a medico-legal form and was taken to the hospital, where the doctor who examined her classified her injury as harm.

Late information to us is that Murillo did not meet bail.

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