Letters — 13 February 2019
For our leaders, we need people with wisdom

Dear Editor,

The entrance to Belize City between the Brodies and Mirab roundabouts should not be a freeway style of road. This is a business district, with residential areas at the sides. The planners of that piece of thoroughfare are out of touch with the realities of that area.

Many complaints and ideas have been aired about this, but no one who could do something about it seemed to care; now a young person is dead and the blame lands squarely at GOB’s feet.

Let’s see what will be done now, when it could have been done long before, saving, and not wasting, taxpayers’ millions. A pair of pedestrian ramps will help, but it needs lots more than that to make the “stretch” safe.

I wonder who put the idea into the road planners’ heads that people like to drive longer distances than necessary to get to their destination. Nations spend billions of dollars on shortcuts and in Belize we spend them on “longer cuts”.

Methinks we will see more accidents yet. This week I saw a vehicle coming out of the Brodies side of the road; it only needed to go one block back down south on the northbound lane, but decided to go against the flow of traffic (that was a crazy move, considering the volume and speed of traffic there), so he didn’t have to go all the way to the Brodies’ Roundabout, back down to the Mirab Roundabout and up back to his destination.

Again, people with “common sense” and “experience” (Belizean jargon for wisdom) are needed in authority.

Romel Cuello

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