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Letter: Supports Amandala initiative for Belize Football Hall of Fame

Fri. May 15, 2020– First, on behalf of our organizations, namely: the Belizean American Caribbean Football Association Inc. (B.A.C.F.A.) and the Belizean American Football Hall of Fame (B.A.F.H.F), we hereby extend our appreciation and gratitude to you and your organization for advocating on our behalf for the Belize Football Leagues, to establish a Belize Football Hall of Fame as one of their affiliated organizations.

It is still beyond my comprehension, that the past and present presidents of the Belize Football League have not seen the urgency to establish this needed entity as an affiliate arm of the league. While they have and continue to drag their feet with this important project, our players are dying monthly and yearly without being given the honor for their contributions to our beloved sport. Just recently, one of our legendary players, namely Gilbert “Pine” Hernandez passed away; and this will continue to happen until we get our organization fully operational with the Belize Football Leagues.

We could not endure this pain and suffering anymore, so in 2017, we founded and incorporated our organizations and went ahead to induct about 187 players and supporters. We have given out honoree certificates and plaques to about 50 of these inductees, and we will be giving out more gradually.

We intend to support your organization in every way possible, until the Belize Football Leagues grant us our duly deserving request for a Belize Football Hall of Fame.

In looking at the proposed list, most of the players are from Belize City because some people in the city are not familiar with district players. I strongly suggest that you form a committee with representatives from all the districts, to get a comprehensive pool of players nationwide who are deserving of this great honor. That is what we did here in the United States to end up with all of our inductees. Also, to consider inducting non-players for their contributions to our beloved sport.

I have no doubt that we will prevail soon, especially with your unwavering support.

Amandalasports reply:
Mon. May 18, 2020– Thanks for your support and encouragement! And congratulations for the significant work you have also done in this area! Your recommendations are noted for inclusion in the voting process when we reach that stage. We’re still laying the groundwork, and your observation is valued, where we need, and have been seeking the input from the different districts.

The work goes on.

Respect for our great footballers!

Feature photo: Wellington C. Ramos 

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