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Not everyone likes D Trump in America

My younger brother, Ronald, and my cousin, Mike Lindo, are Belizean/American Facebook friends of mine who are very anti-Donald Trump as president of the USA. They write and post some of the toughest things about the present leader of their new home. I almost never acknowledge their posts.

Much of what goes on in the USA directly affects us in Belize. The worst of it is their fight to prevent cocaine from reaching their country. American citizens have an appetite for cocaine, and American leaders go all out to stop them from getting it.

America is a country that loves to fight wars, always on other people’s turfs. That’s the way they do it. They always fight their wars in other countries. All over the world there are wars with the USA stamped all over them.

But a lot of their business is mostly American personals. We watch them from a distance and admire or criticize them, just for being intafayring.

Americans like to project that they are a class act

Now, these Americans posture like they are the real class act, an advanced people who are the architects of the most advanced form of democracy the world has ever known. They really go all out to act the part. They demand the highest dignity from people who occupy the highest seat of office in their country, their president. They protect this office like it is a church.

Usually the man who sits in their big office is a war hero. They’re always at war and their soldiers always have the best weapons, so there are umpteen opportunities for their young men to go home as war heroes.

They’ve got a lot of power and they love to flex. Woe to you if you are a foreigner and they stop liking you. In the old days they would find people in your country who share their views, and they would prop up these “allies” with all the military fire power they need to get you out of there.

Of recent they have become a tad more civilized, and instead of bombing the daylights out of people they don’t like, they squeeze them until they cry out and throw in the towel. If they create enough havoc, their “allies” can achieve a bloodless coup, or “force” an election. They never let up, not until they get what they want. You won’t “believe” this, but for going on 60 years they have put the squeeze on Cuba!

American presidents are not to be seen anywhere near their bloody skullduggery in their neighbor’s nations. But they are not ashamed to let the world know about their inexorable pressure. It is always for a good cause, that being democracy and the free market. Their excellent propaganda machinery always gets them a big cheer at home for that.

Ah, their presidents are supposed to guard the ideals, and publicly they must appear as virtuous as the Pope in Rome. Some of them have been some real stellar quality people in their personal lives. Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, the two George Bushes, Barack Obama, these are definitely exemplary guys. They left the office spotlessly clean for the next comer.

There was a huge to-do over there when a president, Richard Nixon, was caught in a lie which he committed because of an overzealous move to ensure he secured the president’s seat for a second term. Another president, Bill Clinton, did not live up to the standard either. In his case it had to do with sexual weakness. He refused to sacrifice his sex life for the optics of the office and for his transgressions he almost got heaved out, like Richard Nixon who got his walking papers for being untruthful.

This present president they got, he is as stinking money rich as a Rockefeller, and as debauched as a Hollywood mogul. He revels in the ornery, the low talk and the undisciplined sex life. Some people marvel that he gets his biggest support from the Evangelicals, a group that traditionally abhors low lifers. But D Trump has common ground with them, prime examples of which are an acute distaste for homosexual displays in public, and a lack of sympathy for people who are going through hard financial times.

More goods on D Trump

This Donald Trump always wants to be the news. He is relentless in his pursuit of attention and doesn’t mind any amount of contortions to get it. D Trump used to have a show in which “You’re fired” was the main line, and now that he is their prez he has turned fantasy into reality.

He loves to shock, and he has members of the party in America that he doesn’t belong to at this time, living in terror for the way he shames their great democracy and the way he publicly shames respected figures in their country. He also has them sweating that he might topple their democracy and become a dictator, and that he might drive all homosexuals back into their closets, and last but not least, start another world war.

Every bully gat ih kecha

We all know that D Trump was no saint before he entered politics. We all know how much he hated Barack Obama. We all know that he doesn’t have a high opinion of people who live in countries like ours.

His enemies at home, and many in the world outside the US, think the powerful D Trump is very much a bully. Well, we know that bullies, like fat fowls, got dehn Sunday. And there ain’t anything on earth sweeter than when Sunday comes!

The sweetest mfka ever

Hmm, I explained to you that I’m not running sweat for Americans who are keching feeva because of D Trump. But like everyone who loves the underdog, yes, it is very nice to see a bully get his day.

People who are used to hearing liberated women cussing up a storm, just because they have won the right, won’t think the worst of ef bombs to be anything to write home about. But for the antiquated us who don’t expect some words to come out of young women’s mouths, those of us who noh yooz tu it, it is total shock.

But sometimes, sometimes, rare times, the shock of the worst expletive can be the best medicine the doctor ordered. And that’s how it played when US Representative Tlaib let fly that she told her son that they were going to Washington to impeach that mfka Trump.

I knew the lady was a single or divorced mother just by the way she rolled it. It’s because single/divorced mothers do have to take on a little toughness sometimes, to make all comers know that a man not being in the house doesn’t mean there isn’t a loaded gun around. Yaa, I checked the Google and sure enough it was as I suspected.

It was unexpected, a surprise, a never before heard assault on a big US president, and because of the gender of the one who said it and the fact that that prez revels in being the world’s baddest man, the vilest cuss word in the history of the world, just for that moment, was the sweetest music.

D Trump was forced to go high

Like Casablanca, they’ll be asking Rep. Tlaib to say it again, what she said she told her son. “And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Mama, look you won! Bullies don’t win,’ and I said, ‘Baby, they don’t,’ because we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherf****r,” CNN reported her saying.

In our society it is not usual for a male to go toe to toe with a female. But America appears to be different. For sure I never noticed D Trump give a daam about the sex of anyone he was going after. He loves the low, but he’s savvy enough to know there’s no way to go lower than low, which is where Rep. Tlaib went, so Trump was forced to go high.

He told reporters in the Rose Garden, “I thought her comments were disgraceful. This is a person that I don’t know. I assume she’s new. I think she dishonored herself, and I think she dishonored her family using language like that. … I thought it was highly disrespectful to the United States of America.”

(italicized sections taken from a CNN story by Veronica Stracqualursi)

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