Letters — 15 February 2017
Love life! Drive well!  

Dear Editor,

Get in the car. Settle yourself comfortably in the seat and buckle up! Say to yourself each time you get into your vehicle: “I am going to be the BEST driver on earth today!”

Though you may not be the best driver, making that statement to yourself can motivate you to drive carefully, yes, safely. Drive on your hand without speeding too much, and use your horn responsibly.

Imagine that someone you love gives you a precious gift. How would you treat that gift? Would you destroy that precious gift, or treasure it, handling it with caution?

Think of it. Almighty God has given you a very precious gift, much more precious than any gift a human person can give to another. That gift is your life!

Show that you really appreciate God’s gift of life by driving sensibly, driving well. As the most intelligent of all God’s earthly creations, being made in God’s image, let us love life and drive well.

Kenneth  Kayman

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