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Home Headline Man, 24, accused of raping brother-in-law, 13

Man, 24, accused of raping brother-in-law, 13

DANGRIGA TOWN, Wed. July 1, 2015–A 13-year-old Silk Grass boy was carnally known (penetrated anally) by his brother-in-law, the common-law husband of his sister, while he (the boy) and his mother were visiting his sister in Silk Grass on Saturday.

During that visit to his sister’s home, the boy and his brother-in-law, 24, went to get wood in the bush.

The boy told police that while in the bush, the brother-in-law held him down, took off his pants and raped him. After the ordeal, the boy and his brother-in-law returned to his sister’s house, and the boy told his mother what had happened.

The boy was taken to a doctor in Dangriga, where the doctor concluded that he had been penetrated and that the injury to him, as a result of the sexual assault, was wounding.

The brother-in-law was arrested and police charged him with committing an unnatural crime. He was taken to the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court this afternoon where he appeared before Magistrate Patty Arana, who arraigned him on the charge. He was then remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 28, when he will be returned to court.

In clarifying the difference between carnally knowing someone and committing an unnatural act, Superintendent Roy Joseph, Commander of Stann Creek District Police, explained that knowing someone carnally involves the sexual penetration of the private part or the anus of another person, and committing an unnatural act refers to sexual intercourse with an individual of the same gender – man with man or woman with woman.

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