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PCC embarks on nationwide consultation and education campaign

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Lift-trailers to aid “Solutions to plastic pollution”

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Belize to participate in the 2nd Permanent Forum on People of African Descent

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Masks up, split classes for school

FeaturesMasks up, split classes for school

Yes, I was one of those who said masks down when the highly respected health organizations, WHO and the CDC, surprisingly said masks down, but a week didn’t go by before I reversed my position, because not only did it not make sense, it was preposterous. Later, we learned from the WHO that the decision against wearing masks was made because there was a shortage of good masks in the Western world, and they were needed by the nurses and doctors on the front line.

Interestingly, there was also mention that masks were being discouraged because many people didn’t know how to handle them properly, and in some cases masks were giving people a false sense of security. Forget all that: when the experts realized that many persons infected with the virus weren’t showing any signs that they were sick, the call went out immediately for us to wear a good mask to keep our exhalations away from others.

It’s easy for farmers to understand why wearing masks makes sense. Every farmer who uses pesticides knows that “dose makes poison”, and the game with wearing a mask over our mouth and nose is to REDUCE others’ exposure to what we are breathing out. That being understood, we should ignore any suggestion that fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks. We need to be tier one, so for health and country we should wear masks until the danger is gone.

It will be interesting to see what the Ministry of Education comes up with so that the return to school in September can be done safely. Masking younger children might be difficult. The old recommendation for split classes, one da morning and one da afternoon so there’s a lot of elbow room, sounds like the way to go.

Pere put down ih pehteh

I’m just on the periphery now, my NIP roots in the UDP frayed straw thin at this time because of all the failures and madness that have taken place and are taking place in the party. In all my years I’ve had one PUP friend, and he is UDP now, so there’s no welcome mat painted blue anywhere for me. You’ve heard of people who’d rather be alone, and if this blank continues, it will come to that.

Never say things can’t get worse. I was knocked flat when I heard that John had rigged August 1st for an election to elect him as the standard bearer in Belmopan. When I heard that, I thought, Pere has to do something or he is finished, as done as the pig howling on its way to the abattoir.

Hurray for just a little bit of fresh air: the convention has been pushed back to August 15. Clearly it would have been preferable for this date to be set with a 3-months window, so all the interested stables could have gotten their horses in the race, but we know why John tried to trample democracy and run ahead. UDP 2021 is John fighting Patrick, and the last leader insisting on having his way.

It would be good if the chairman used the weight of his office to force a longer extension. The “new” PUP is about setting a fixed day for general elections, so our political leaders can’t manipulate the system, but at the local level in the UDP, they are still trying to cheat.

Diki Bradley exposed

I bet our entire nation went into shock when they heard from the horse’s mouth, in a Love FM interview, that he doesn’t smoke weed and he has never been drunk. I only caught a snippet, but I’m sure the great Bradley said a spliff has never touched his mouth. I’m not too sure he said he had never taken a drink, but for sure he said he has never had the great feeling only a rum drinker knows.

Oh boy, he can be accused of a kind of chance, because I bet he won many a male friend, and God forbid but he might have won female companionship too, because of the illusion that he was a real soul brother, a man who knew one or the other vice through experience, not just from reading books. What a madabig disappointment it is to learn that he got all those points and he never smoked weed, and when he went to bar room with real men there was milk in his bottle.

Bah, what a sham; he is no less a sinner than Louis Wade, a caffeine hound, addict who claims he knows every verse in the Bible. Wade is either an ehm…fraud, or he skipped the Wedding in Cana, the first miracle, and all the tributes to wine made by the prophet Isaiah.
In the old days, men were the real McCoy. You either drank rum until you were drunk, or you smoked weed on the sly. Now-a-days people with the male appendage are boasting about their lack of vice. Poor soul brother number one, James Brown! This is no longer a man’s world.

Lack of sash cord is ruining many children

A couple weeks ago, Brother Clinton Canul Luna made a big plug for parents putting the rod to children’s behinds to keep them in line, and he thanked his ancestors for using force to keep him on the straight and narrow. I told you my late paternal aunt, in her book, From British Honduras to Belize: One family’s drama, established anti-lashing as one of her themes. She and my other paternal aunt put their names on the page against the whip. Looking at those two, the writer was an intellectual whose face lived inside books, and my other aunt, it is said of her that she always did what her parents told her.

The anti-corporal punishment agenda, who are they? Short of any formal study, I suggest they are, one, people who were well-disciplined when they were young, and two, low or controlled-energy people who when young were very motivated toward excelling in the system as it is designed.

It is claimed that lashing harms one’s confidence, and I guess it does, but in my world lashing does not come close to equaling verbal insults. I got lashed a few times at school, and well, I deserved it. Verbal insults worried me. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but harsh words are poisoned arrows.

In my books the most important word in this world is NO. Some parents have all the time, money, and education in the world, but they are failures if they don’t get their children to grasp the meaning of NO.

Tell some children NO, and they are completely cool, and some of them, ouch, they throw a tantrum. Some children are so big they want to tell their parents, NO. The parent says, make up your bed when you get up, and the order goes through one ear and out the other.
Using myself as the study, flat out I will tell you that I wouldn’t have graduated from primary school if my mom didn’t ehm…insist. In the old days, it was spare the rod, spoil the child, but today, in this more savage world in which we now live, we can add on, spare the rod and condemn the child. to selling drugs, in the case of boys, and to prostitution if the child is a girl.

It is the Europeans who rule the world, and they got so rich after enslaving the rest of the world and taking all its mineral resources that they can afford to wait forever for their children to get their act together. They can pay. Copying them is our ruin.

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