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Mayan Rights

LettersMayan Rights

The Editor, AMANDALA

Tues. Jan. 31, 2023

Dear Editor

We have become so accustomed and immune to the false narrative and lies that politicians spew regularly, that we become perplexed when they actually speak their minds and truth to power. It is a sign of a mature democracy when politicians not only toe the line but could speak their minds on difficult topics when necessary.

It was refreshing to have heard what the area rep of Toledo East was thinking in regard to the communal land issue in southern Belize. His thoughts are the general sentiment of most Belizeans, but most people prefer not to talk about it because of its racial connotation. Here is an issue that warrants ventilating and serious discussion, as the decision that will eventually be made could have dire repercussions for the nation-state of Belize.

If our indigenous friends in western Toledo are so adamant to regain complete control of their ancestral land, maybe they should extend this ridiculous notion to the entire region. Since the international court has agreed that the Mayas living in Belize and Central America are direct descendants of the Ancient Mayan Civilization, they should then claim control over this entire region referred to as La Mundo Maya, which would include southern Mexico, and the entire country of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

If they could not defeat their real oppressors who are the Europeans who forcefully took their land, what is the motive behind holding the government of the day at ransom? The reality is that the Mayas of Belize have been in a much better position here when compared to their counterparts in these other countries in this region since colonization. So, whilst the Garinagu were very gracious to be able to provide formal education to these people in remote villages in Belize and in particular the Toledo District, the Maya have now become overzealous and a pain in our collective butts as citizens of this country. Imagine driving towards San Antonio Village in the Toledo District to use the waterfall, just to be intercepted at a checkpoint and asked to pay a toll to use the area. The possibility of this scenario becoming a reality is high.

The Mayan people in southern Belize should be very grateful and thankful to the government and people of Belize for still being able to have access to their land and to live in peace and harmony. You cannot give the communal land to your children, but you could give them a parcel of land so they could own and pass it on to their future generation. The solution is not that complicated.

A concerned Belizean
J. Alvarez

(Editor’s Note: This is a very difficult and sensitive topic, and we appreciate the honest contribution of citizens towards a peaceful and productive resolution of this matter. We expect a rebuttal to the above letter, and welcome the respectful and sincere expression of differing opinions in order to ensure the enlightenment of our citizens on this issue, and a happy outcome for all Belizeans, including our Mayan brothers and sisters.)

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