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Message of hope from Sean Taegar

Dear Editor,
With the new reality of COVID-19/coronavirus, we must keep our faith. Follow the guidelines of the health professionals and health organizations of staying home except for going out for essentials; wash your hands frequently with soap and water; don’t touch your face with unclean hands; practice social distancing, and clean surfaces.

We must also look after our mental health and wellbeing. Find the balance of life within yourself. Don’t bombard your brain with only the negative, and dwell in fear. There is positive in life too. Find joy and wonder in the simple things we may have once taken for granted. See the beauty of the whole. See with new eyes.

The world has changed right before our eyes. Lean on God’s wisdom and strength in this time. Ask for His guidance in your hearts. Listen for His voice in the silence of your heart, for He speaks to us there with love.

And share love always. We may not be able to physically touch each other, but we can share love from our voices and our hearts and lift each other in that light. Love is the light that illuminates life, the force of our beings.

This, too, shall pass. A new way of life is being born. One in which love lights the way and carries us forward. One in which life’s priceless value shines through all the illusions human beings create from our ego trips of control and reveals God’s will and special purpose for each of us in life.

Listen to the still point of silence in your hearts. God speaks to us there. His will guides us gently, with His love. He loves all of us unconditionally just the way we are, just the way He created us to be. Let love be your guiding force in this time and pray. Prayers are energy forces that help and strengthen our life constitution and lift us to a new way of being, to God’s will.

The Spirit says: Belize is my New Jerusalem, where I shall express my Ummah. My love is here forever and I love you forever, my children.

God will not fail us. He always delivers what He promises. Trust Him. Share love always and pray. Joy comes in the dawn and God’s will is done.

Love, Sean Taegar

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