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Home Headline Michael “Crazy” Arnold, 35, pleads guilty to rape, again

Michael “Crazy” Arnold, 35, pleads guilty to rape, again

Arnold is currently serving time for another rape, and the prosecution asked for life, but the judge only gave Arnold 15 years

Michael “Crazy” Arnold, 35, is currently serving a 12-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to a rape charge back in May of 2011. This morning, he again pleaded guilty to another rape charge when he appeared before Justice Adolph Lucas, Sr.

According to a presentation of the facts of the case by Kaysha Grant of the DPP’s office, at 10:00 p.m. on September 18, 2010, the victim, 29 at the time of the rape, said she was at her apartment and was heading toward a shared bathroom when Arnold approached her.

Arnold told her to come to him, but she refused and that was when Arnold pulled out a firearm and placed it at her head. Arnold then told her to perform oral sex on him, but she refused, telling him that his penis was dirty.

Arnold then grabbed the victim and pulled her into his room (apartment), where he put the firearm under his pillow, grabbed a machete that was beside the bed, and placed the blade against her neck. Arnold told her that it would be easier to chop her up than to shoot her because the gunshot would make too much noise.

After pushing the victim unto the bed, Arnold let go of the machete, allowing it to fall to the floor, and removed both the pants the victim was wearing under her skirt and her panties. At the request of the victim, Arnold put on a condom, then proceeded to rape her.

Arnold agreed with the facts and told the court that he didn’t wish to waste the court’s time in calling any character witnesses. In his mitigation Arnold said: “I want to state that I am doing a 12-year sentence and I would really like to ask the court to have leniency on my behalf and please give me the sentence concurrent to the one I am serving now.”

Grant then asked the court to impose the maximum sentence of life on Arnold since he has had a previous conviction for rape and also one for forcible abduction dating back to April 7, 1997, in which he was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Grant made her submission under the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act, section 20 (4) which states that “Sentence for Serious Offences Involving Violence, other than Murder – 20.-(1) If a person is found guilty of an offence specified in subsection (4) of this section on more than two occasions, after the commencement of this Act he shall, notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, be sentenced to a mandatory term of life imprisonment unless the court, for special extenuating circumstances to be recorded in writing, determines otherwise.” Subsection (4) specifies, “This section applies to the offences of rape, kidnapping, forcible abduction, dangerous harm, maim, use of deadly means of harm, robbery and blackmail.”

It was shown that he had over 20 convictions, including aggravated assault, harm, resisting arrest, drug possession, escape, burglary, rape and forcible abduction, just to mention a few.

After hearing Grant’s submission, Justice Lucas then reminded the men in the court that “No means no!” “It used to be,” he said, “that a man could claim his property [wife] where he sees it. However, after 1999, that has since changed. If your wife is in a bad mood and she says no, you better leave her alone.”

After that warning, he told Arnold that he must “behave” himself and sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment, which becomes effective today, but will run concurrently with the 12-year sentence he is serving now. Before being sentenced today, Arnold, who has already spent two years in prison, was scheduled to finish his sentence in 2023, but is now scheduled to finish serving out his sentences in 2028.

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