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Minister Perez speaks at 41st IACO Assembly

PoliticsMinister Perez speaks at 41st IACO Assembly

MONTREAL, Canada, Wed. Oct. 5, 2022

A delegation from the Ministry of Civil Aviation is in Montreal, Canada, attending the 41st Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (IACO). Minister Andre Perez gave remarks to the assembly yesterday in which he highlighted Belize’s new commitment to the aviation industry, declaring it a national priority in the country. He announced that the Department of Civil Aviation is in the process of becoming an independent authority, which, he said, is an objective already approved in principle by the government.

“The present political will and commitment guarantee a climate that is conducive to the catapulting of aviation-based initiatives to full fruition and success,” Minister Perez said. One of these initiatives includes the creation of the air-city hub in Belize. With civil aviation as a pillar of economic development, the government is poised to see the achievement of these goals.

“Our government has opened the door for us to take the necessary steps to move aviation to the forefront of our development agenda in Belize. Belize is open for business!” Hon. Perez said in his presentation.

He went on to state that the government and Civil Aviation department fully support the goals of IACO.

“Madam President, we are fully cognizant of the work of IACO, and as such, fully support initiatives such as the long-term aspiration goals for international aviation, the global aviation safety plan, the global air navigation plan, gender equality, strengthening aviation security and the spirit of reconnecting aviation,” Hon. Perez said. He further noted that in Belize, the standards of safety and security oversight systems are above the global average, and the country will continue to improve the implementation of that safety oversight system on the heels of an audit from the Universal Security Audit Program.

“We are confident that we will demonstrate to the world, that Belize’s Security Oversight System is above the global average and that it is sustainable,” Minister Perez said.

Perez further noted that one avenue of diversification being looked at by the country is the development of an air city hub in Belize. The Prime Minister, Hon. John Briceño, during his Independence Day speech, said that at least $250 million will be invested in the refurbishment of the Philip Goldson International Airport.

During Hon. Perez’s remarks, he stated, “We have now embarked on an important initiative to develop an air city hub that will include cargo maintenance, air navigation training, and emergency relief, among many other initiatives.”

Minister Perez also took the opportunity to highlight the importance of Flight Information Regions and called for the inclusion of Taiwan in the global assembly.

“As it relates to reconnecting the world, we recognized the importance of air travel and of Flight Information Regions, such as the Taipei Flight Information Region in connecting the world. My government is convinced of the importance of the Taipei FIR and join other global partners in calling for the Republic of China (Taiwan) to be given the opportunity to have meaningful participation in all IACO processes,” Perez said.

The Assembly will continue up until the end of this week, and ends on October 7.

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