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Ministry of Education pushing “2 mommy, 2 daddy” LGBT agenda in our schools

Dear Editor,
For some time now I have been suspecting that the Ministry of Education was looking for a way to push the LGBT agenda in our schools through an HFLE manual. I know that it was their goal to teach our students that it is okay to choose their gender, even though they are born male or female.

Before I left school, this kind of thing had not been happening.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, MOE would broadcast educational activities live, and one of those was “The Story Time.”

I can recall my husband flipping through the channels and we came across this “Story Time”; it sounded very interesting at the time. I cannot recall the title of the story, but the gist of this story was that there are different types of families, and the narrator began to list the types of families, and they mentioned that some families have “2 mommies,” some have “2 daddies,” and that this is okay.

My husband and I became irate at the mention of this, and he turned the television off.

Now, one does not need common sense to understand MOE’s motive in telling our children that some families have 2 moms and others have 2 dads; it is to get our little ones to think that this is okay, that this is natural and the order of life.

I had been browsing through my children’s HFLE notebook prior to this broadcast to see if they are being taught contrary to what the Bible says on the order of life, and I had not come across anything questionable until I heard this broadcast.

I want to plead to MOE, as a concerned parent, to push an agenda that teaches our children the right way. I want to tell them that they have no right to teach my children something that will be detrimental to them later on.

Please, if you want to live your life that way, and this is okay with you, that’s fine. It is your business; keep that lifestyle private, and do not impose on my right as a parent.

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