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Too much mix-up for the Jews to claim Israel

There is a rule which says that you don’t break down something if you’re not going to replace it with something better. I don’t even consider shaking the faith of another human being because I don’t have anything to replace it with. Point blank, that is way out of my territory. I only beg for tolerance.

If you follow the literal line of the Old Testament, you will read that God didn’t kill Cain after He murdered Abel: He banished him. But in much of the Old Testament, God didn’t “play” to tell Jewish leaders to kill this one and tara one. In this, the present day Jews are very much like the Jews of old. Come hell or high water, even if children have to die, they are after moving the Palestinians from off their land.

The Jews say that this Israel, which includes Jerusalem, it is God who decreed that it is theirs. It is interesting how, out of a mass of confusion, a maze, they cling to this line. Let’s just do a little run down here to get the sense.

God created Adam and Eve. This couple had Cain and Abel. Cain became jealous of Abel, and killed him. In time, Adam and Eve got another son, Seth, to replace Abel. It is from Seth’s line that the people who call themselves Jews, come.

Noah came from Seth. Noah had three sons – Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Ham saw Noah naked, and laughed. For this, Noah damned Ham’s son, Caanan. If you read your Bible, you will see that the Jews invaded Caanan, where the children of Ham, and others, lived. Caanan is more or the less the land which they say God gave them.

Abraham came through Shem’s line. Abraham’s nephew is the one called Lot. He, Lot, lay with his two daughters. The Old Testament lays all the blame on the daughters. The girls couldn’t find suitable mates (of the right tribe and religion), so they gave strong drink to their father, got him drunk, and lay with him. Just a minute. We are fully aware that certain tribes encouraged marriage between cousins, even between siblings, to protect the “purity” of their tribe. But a man lying with his daughter wasn’t countenanced. So, the daughters got all the blame.

Abraham’s wife couldn’t have children, so she gave her maid to Abraham. When the maid got a son, she mocked Abraham’s wife. Later, Abraham’s wife conceived. So the maid and the son she had with Abraham, had to leave.

This son of Abraham and the maid, Ishmael, he is the father of the Muslims, and the son Abraham has with his wife, Isaac, he is the father of the Jews. But wait, wait, wait, there are tribes around who come from Cain, and tribes who come from Ham and Japheth, and tribes who come from Lot’s two sons that he had with his daughters. Naturally, these people were intermarrying, so there are a lot of cousins out there. Indeed, Father Abraham, he has many sons.

We come to Jacob and Esau. We know of Jacob’s deception, but he is the line that is chosen, the one who got the birthright. Esau will also have children, he will also become the father of some tribes.

 Now we come to the story of David and Bathsheba. At this time the Jews have already conquered the land of Caanan, and it is now called, Israel. Bathsheba is married to Uriah, a man from a tribe in the area called the Hittites. And who is Bathsheba? She comes from the line of Ham. Remember Caanan, Ham’s son who got cussed out because of Ham’s mischievousness?

I’ll pass this story over to blackhistoryinthebible.com, so we can get the full sense.

Although we are not told directly that Bathsheba is a Hamite, we can actually trace her heritage through her grandfather Ahithophel (David’s African counselor). In 2 Samuel 11:3 we are told that Bathsheba’s father is Eliam, but it isn’t until 2 Samuel 23 that we find out that Bathsheba’s grandfather is a Gilonite. “Eliphelet the son of Ahasbai, the son of the Maachathite, Eliam the son of Ahithophel the Gilonite,” – 2 Samuel 23:34

…Another incorrect teaching is that the Israelites remained separate from the tribes that did survive, which means that Bathsheba must have been Hebrew. Once again, we can prove from the Bible that not only did they not stay separate, but they married each other. “And the children of Israel dwelt among the Canaanites, Hittites, and Amorites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, and Jebusites: And they took their daughters to be their wives, and gave their daughters to their sons, and served their gods.” – Judges 3:5-6

Solomon, the man with all the concubines (many more tribes added to the list…all the marriages couldn’t have been pure “Jews”), is the son of David and Bathsheba. Joseph, the earth father of Jesus the Christ, the Father of the Christians, comes from the line of David and Bathsheba. Between Solomon and Joseph a lot of mix-up took place.

And we are talking about the old tribe called Jews here. What do you think about the mix-up, mix-up of the “modern” ones? I think it is pretty clear to anyone who wants to see, that “tribe” is not the story here. The fact is that Abraham is the father of most of those people in that area.

Three great religions worship in Jerusalem – the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians. One of them says that the land in its entirety is theirs, because God gave it to them some thousands of years ago. And the USA has just cut the budget of the United Nations a quarter of a billion dollars, to punish those who say that Judaism should learn to tolerate the religions of others, and the rights of others to live in that region.

Barrow flirting with fourth best

When PM Dean Barrow said at George Price’s funeral, that Belize would NEVER have another leader like the great PUP Emeritus, I am one (I believe of many) who thought he wasn’t being entirely sincere with the, never. You are to strive to be better than the one who went before you, if you enter the sphere of life in which they performed. Price was a political leader, the leader of our country. Barrow, the new kid on the block, now wore the crown. He couldn’t be so mediocre that he considered greatness out of his reach.

It must have been contextual. Price had some firsts because he was our first leader. No one will ever lead us to self-government again; no one will ever lead us to political independence again. But we didn’t need Barrow to tell us that. So, it is fair to believe that he was speaking of Price’s economic achievements, and such.

The way things have played out, Barrow would have been correct if he had continued … and I will never measure up to Esquivel either. Now, who would believe that Manuel is the second best of four Prime Ministers in our nation’s existence? But it is so. It is so that the man who managed our economy with so little creativity, the man who was so cold to all who didn’t toady up to him, and yes, Mr. Mean himself, holds the red ribbon.

There are two things Esquivel did that put him over the leaders that came after him. Esquivel did not take advantage of the people’s money/allow his Ministers to do so; and he didn’t expose our economy to foreign domination.

Why were Price and Esquivel better than Musa and Barrow? I suggest that the reason for that is that they never went to any school which taught them that if it is legal, it is moral. The vast majority of Belizeans know different. In fact, there are only one hundred or so people in Belize who believe that if it legal, it is moral. Unfortunately for Belize, these 100 or so people run the country.

When you look at things closely, you realize that at this juncture, with three or so years remaining on his final term in office, that Dean Barrow, if he continues on the same course, might wind up to be our fourth best Prime Minister.

His government can’t point at the Musa governments’ economic failures and say, see, we are better than them, because the UDP governments under Barrow compounded the felonies. It is true that he did not allow cronies to take too much advantage of the PetroCaribe (as many believe a Musa government would have done), but he managed it without oversight from bodies set up to scrutinize government spending (the Opposition party, for one), and he invested too much of the money in non-productive infrastructure.

Musa gets the edge over Barrow because he, Musa, had far less fear for our democratic right to participate in governance than his successor. Indeed, he was a bigger man in that respect than his predecessors too.

The articulate Barrow’s slip has really showed here. Like Hubert Elrington, the man has proved afraid of the press. Remember Hubert absolutely panicked when Amandala announced that they would introduce KREM Radio. Barrow holds press conferences that are really a claque show. He refuses to go toe-to-toe with Marisol. He was afraid of Greg Choc as the 13th senator. He was afraid that the Evangelicals might choose Louis Wade as their senator.

While Musa blessed the introduction of African and Mayan history in our schools, so that children of color could get a sense of their wonderful history before 1492 (unfortunately, incredibly, only St. John’s College has embraced it), Barrow gave license to talk show hosts to assassinate the personalities of Belizeans who were not in the UDP’s good books.

Fortunately for Barrow, it isn’t over yet. He still has time on the clock to put an end to his old style leadership. For our sakes, we have to hope that he will give more attention to his legacy in 2018. This country deserves better than UDP first, Belizeans second, and PUP last.

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