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Morgan or Rogers

Deep in the archives of the Amandala there’s an edition that contains a column by a lady, Anne K. Lowe, in which she wrote about a “white man” who counseled his brothers to not fret about all the decolonizing and self-determination that was taking place across the world, because within us (formerly colonized peoples) we carry the seed for failure. The “white man” spoke specifically of the “negroes,” but he didn’t mean just them, us. The “white man” said that our egos will cause all our initiatives to unravel, and soon we’d be running back to them, begging them to rule us again.

Now, not considering all that the “white man” has done and continues to do to derail people in the “non-white” world, things such as undermining and even killing our leaders who don’t buy into their philosophies, etcetera, my observation is that too many of our people in leadership positions don’t fully grasp the virtue of humility. It is alright to believe in ourselves; in fact, it is absolutely necessary for us to do so, but at the same time we must humbly pay attention to those who are critical of us, because even the insincere can give us insights that make us better.

Ah, with all that said, I will humbly suggest to the social partners who have received the plum of a job on the board of the National Bank, that they co-opt either Brother Paul Morgan or Brother Patrick Rogers to be their representative on just about the only thing we can call worthy legacy coming from 13 years of an arrogant, wasteful UDP administration. I will not go into what I know about the credentials of these two brothers, because they have made their cases to the people over the last two decades, so everybody knows their deeds and their thoughts.

Aha, wise people are thinking that I just ensured that they will ignore these two brothers, but I will say to you, my friend, if we are living in the “same old” they will ignore them anyway.

Our GST receipt button can do the talking

While the government is hard at work trying to find ways to plug the loopholes through which the GST eludes the national treasury, I will suggest that one of the loopholes at the end could be corked with a button. We are told to demand our receipts when we go to the shop, but it is always a touchy situation when you are at the cashier’s counter and for some reason you are not given a receipt. Some of us, maybe many of us, feel very uncomfortable about asking for a receipt, because it’s an implicit accusation of skullduggery. So, for such persons, it might be a good thing if the GST department gives us buttons that we can pin on our shirts, blouses, when we go to the shop.

Of course I’m looking at this matter from one angle only, through the vista of those who want to ensure that the GST is paid on our purchases, but we don’t like to ask for receipts. It’s really hard to suggest to someone that they are not being honest. And really, sometimes people just forget.

Baseball coaches put their players through some of the simplest exercise routines every single day — why, because even the best players have memory lapses. You’ve seen multi-million dollar players settle under a popup, and they turn their gloves the wrong way, an ABC mistake, and plop — the ball hits the ground. That happens because they forgot the fundamentals.

Let me see, hmm, when I had my last embarrassing lapse of memory. Ah, let me save myself a brain racking and tell you an almost-happened that could have caused me major embarrassment, or landed me in jail. Two weeks ago, I didn’t have enough space in my arms for the toothpaste I had picked up, so I moved to stick it in my pocket. That’s a no-no for me, because I’m the kind of person who always has ten things going through their mind. What an este if I had walked up to the counter and forgotten to deliver the toothpaste!

Look, nobody steals toothpaste. If you love to brush your teeth, you can use baking soda, or salt. My, our world is getting so cynical, and isn’t it great that at this time when we’re getting low and distrustful like the Americans, we have a prime minister who isn’t full of bad mind between the ears. Give him points for laughing when the young reporter asked him to respond to a charge that some nice prize his government was giving up was a bribe.
A GST reminder button is such a little thing, but it could go a long way in helping to remind cashiers to hand over the proper receipt to customers. Oh, I made space in my arms for that toothpaste.

More book things

My first inclination with the excerpts from my new book was that they have historical importance, and that I’ve been writing so long, I’d share a few things, but I’m just a little uncomfortable — those things being personal. And then there is also the matter of space. Anyway, I hope to get the story published this year, but not before my play, Defending His Honor, is out there.

I’m trying to figure out how to make that finished play not lose any money, and that’s no easy job for me, because I’m not a person who likes his face in the marketplace. Years ago – the play’s been marinating a while – my dad told me that there’s something distasteful about the piece, and I told him I agreed…but I wasn’t going to change anything, because it’s really an ice-breaker, a full-blown cussing show which, with all its ugliness, has intentions to produce good.

I’ve been thinking that I could get some ad support from all the promoters of vices and not-so- wholesome organizations about, for a play with a pitch that says: a fun, romantic, mature male tale with a little something for everyone to love, or hate.

My little mind thought of sellers of glorious vice products like Belikin and Pirate, One Barrel and Belizean Rum. Do we still manufacture Independence cigarettes? The LGBT definitely won’t back me, especially with they being full-blown legit now. The WRTSP (Women’s Rights to Sell——) will take any vehicle for their cause, but Covid knocked them flat. I really don’t know how Gentleman Bar is making the rent.

Now that Love FM has spewed all over the Rotarian 4-Way, they could be prime, but I don’t want to be associated in any way with Troy and Darrel. These Christian churches that have gone from lay to gay ministers, absolutely turned their backs on Leviticus; my read is those doors say ‘welcome sinners all’! Ah, you know that years ago Nick Pollard, Sr., predicted our fall in his show “Anything Goes.”

I am certain to get a plug from the Ministry of Health and Wellness, and their complimentary copy will be given by Minister Chebat to his ex-driver, to expose him to kos words other than and less gutter than that dohti expletive he borrowed from the hip hop and dancehall crowd, which abused it like an old Jim Reeves song. Incidentally, in true Cayo tradition, Chebat’s driver gaan an du ih dirty work ihself. Remember when Salva and Dito suppose to mi gaan da radio station an kick up Ramon and Pandy?

Oh my gudnis, why didn’t you remind me – the politicians, red and blue! Is there an innocent soul who believes Sandra Coye when she says she doesn’t vote because the ballot isn’t secret? Well, I don’t! If I have a right to tell anyone why they do what they do, my bet is she doesn’t vote bikaaz those bohgaz make her sick.

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