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Have you ever found yourself driving down a highway or a country road, on your way home, late at night? It has to be on your way home, there’s a finality and comfort in that, going home to your family, your own place, and that familiarity is very humbling and comforting. So you are driving alone, your windows open, and all the different smells of night, and the night chill in the air, make you feel alive, even though you are tired. You smell the earth, and the occasional odor of a skunk letting out its frustrations on nature, which you find somehow reassuring. You are on your way home, alone with your thoughts, your dreams, looking forward to peeking in and seeing your children sound asleep, safe in bed, and excited about the warm embrace you’ll receive from your spouse, your love, your mate. There’s no negativity right at this moment, only optimism and positive vibes in your mind, and heart. It’s one of the only instances, when you are truly at peace, no matter how difficult your day has been. Going home!

I don’t care who you are, there are always flashes of seemingly insignificant things in your life that make you stop and think, good or bad. Write them down, don’t discard those memories. Keep them and cherish them; they’re part of the footprint that is yours, and yours alone. You can either hoard them or share them with those who matter to you. They’re yours, to do whatever you please with. But write them down, and when you need them, in times of despair, or joy, or just for reference , they’re there for you. We experience things in our lives every day, things that sometimes make us question the reality of what just happened, or what we just saw, or felt, at the time. Write it down, just to keep it alive, because it is important to you, a part of your day, your being, your existence. Write it down!

We all admire the great composers, poets, philosophers, the great thinkers, and rightly so. I can’t imagine the pain, the inspiration, sadness, and the genius and sacrifices, that they put into their works, and we should always be thankful that they left, and are still leaving, their magnificence for us to enjoy. I think that we all have greatness in us; it might not be universally acknowledged, but greatness nonetheless. Put your thoughts and feelings into words, for yourself, or maybe to share with family and friends. Write it down! At some point in your life, you will need a pick-me-up, a jolt, some reassurances of your time, your life experiences, with no one there for you to lean on, except those thoughts and experiences you put into words, on paper, or on your tablet. No one else will do it for you, not even for themselves. They are yours, and no one can take them away from you! They are your musings. Write it all down! For your peace of mind, for posterity. As I write this, I’m listening to La Golodrina, sung in Garifuna on Krem Radio, hauntingly beautiful. That too is comforting and memorable! Write it down!

“Thanks to the human heart by which we live;
Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears,
To me the meanest flower that blows,
Can give thoughts that often lie too deep for tears.”
— Wordsworth


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