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“NSC & FFB Youth Tournament 2020” Week 2 report; and CFA 1st Division Closing Season kicks off

COROZAL TOWN, Tues. Mar. 17, 2020

NSC & FFB Youth Tournament 2020

Our games continued as per scheduled this Sunday, March 15. All games are being played at the Ricalde Stadium for the U11, U15, U17 M/F. This week we introduced our U17 Female tournament; a total of 4 teams are participating, i.e. Top Cats-CCC, BDF Cadets, Bacadia Warriors, and Cristo Rey. We are grateful to the club owners/managers for being very supportive to female football.

BDF Cadets U17 Female team – Sgt. Derrick Palma, Manager. Corozal Football Association (CFA) thanks you, Sgt. Palma for your continuous commitment to youth development and keeping our future leaders in positive recreational activities. We applaud you for your efforts and being a true role model to others.

Bacadia Warriors U17 Female team – Mr. Benjamin Acosta, Manager. CFA thanks you, Mr. Acosta for always being supportive to our office and to female football.

CFA 1st Div. Amateur Closing Season

In addition, Corozal F.A. launched its Closing Season for the First Division Amateur, with 8 teams participating, namely: United Ballers – Carlo Moreno, Manager; Corozal Young Starz – Lloyd Palma, Manager; Calcutta Bulls – Derwin Innis, Manager; Ranchito Warriors – Victor Morales, Manager; Tempestad CA – Antonio Zetina, Manager; Caledonia SFC – Miguel Alcoser, Manager; Corozal San Antonio SC – Diovan Hall, Manager; and Chunox FC – Adriel Santoya, Manager.

All First Division Amateur games will be played at Carolina Football Field.

Calcutta Bulls – Mr. Derwin Innis, Manager

Caledonia SFC – Mr. Miguel Alcoser, Manager

Game results:

U11 Game 1 – Calcutta Mosawks defeated Carolina Jaguars, 2-0, with a goal each by Denzel Sutherland and Kimani Rancharan.
U11 Game 2 – Corozal Rising Stars won, 5-0, over Bacadia Warriors. Goals scored by Jahzeel Navarro (1), Abel Ochaeta (2), Zander Linarez (1) and Michael Whiticker (1).

U15 Game 1 – Majestics won, 5-0, over Corozal Rising Stars. Goals scored by Alexis Mendez (5’, 39’ & 50’), Johan Basto (10’) and Nolbert Crawford (35’).

U15 Game 2 – United Ballers bombed BDF Cadets, 8-0. Goals scored by Bernard Jacobs (20’ & 46’), Clifford Sanker (23’), Carlos Hendricks (29’), William Marokin (33’), Ian Velasquez (38’ & 47’) and Emir Chan (50’).

U17 Game 1 – United Ballers beat Corozal Rural, 4-0. Goals scored by Carlos Mendez (38’), Jordan Casanova (53’ & 63’) and Geon Ara (71’).

U17 Game 2 – Falcons and Bacadia Warriors drew, 1-1. Goal scored for Bacadia Warriors by Akeem Arana (58’); Falcons’ goal was by Jovan Tun (16’).

U17 Female Game 1 – Bacadia Warriors won, 2-1, over BDF Cadets. Bacadia goals scored by Alisha Terry (19’ & 23’); while an auto-goal by Bacadia’s Alison Alvarez gave BDF a goal in favor.

First Division Game 1 – Tempestad CA drew, 2-2, with Caledonia SFC. Goals scored for Tempestad by Carlos Garcia (66’ & 76’); and goals for Caledonia by Russel Melendez (53’ & 61’).

First Division Game 2 – Calcutta Bulls and Ranchito Warriors drew, 2-2. Goals scored for Calcutta Bulls by Ian Casanova (11’) and Michael Whiticker (75’); and goals for Ranchito Warriors by Michael Palacio (70’) and Diego Morales (90’).

First Division Game 3 – Chunox FC drew, 1-1, with United Ballers. Goal scored for Chunox FC by Reiner Santoya (22’), and goal for United Ballers by AA Jay Gilharry (24’).

First Division Game 4 – Corozal San Antonio won, 2-1, over Corozal Young Starz. Goals scored for San Antonio by Jordi Elvir (60’) and Elvin Williams (88’), and goal for Corozal Young Starz by George James (5’).

CFA games postponed

Due to the COVID-19 (This comes from the Football Federation of Belize.), Corozal Football Association postpones all its Youth games and First Division games until further notice.

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