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Our debt to Donald Trump

In certain situations you have to accept people at their words, but we are all aware that people are not always what they say. We, we might want to believe what we say, but that’s a wish, not a fact. I don’t want to give a long, drawn-out explanation to get to the point I’m trying to make, so suffice to say that sometimes we say things because it is what we truly believe at the time, because it is the right thing to say, because it is the decent thing to say, because we are trying to be what we say, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I want to say that Black people who live outside of the United States should be grateful to the present American prez, for telling us exactly how he and his kind feel about us. I don’t know why some of us needed that.

We should always appreciate the truth. As we all know, it is what it is. The Europeans believe they are the gift from God, chosen above us all. If you don’t know that, you might as well apply to the ostrich family for a party card, for your head is in a hole in the sand. There is only one American president that I know of who doesn’t/didn’t consider Black people and the Native people of the Americas to be of inferior stock.

It is sensible to listen to a man’s words. It is also sensible to watch keenly what they do. What people do can be confusing at times, because we know the road to hell is sometimes paved with good intentions, but some deeds tell all. Jimmy Carter handing over the Panama Canal to the people of that country, helping Belize on the way to independence, trying to ease the pressure on Cuba, helping to build homes in Mexico (Habitat for Humanity), supporting Palestinian rights, these are the clear signs of a man who is looking at the world through clear lens.

Jimmy Carter grew up around Black people; in his early childhood he and his parents had close friends who were Black, and that helped him to see upfront the truth about people who didn’t have the color skin he had. Jimmy Carter’s family also prospered off the work done by George Washington Carver, a Black man who did tremendous scientific research to find uses for the peanut, Arachis hypogaea —studies that made that nut one of the most profitable crops. No matter who you are, you can’t ignore the bottom line.

Despite the oppression of slavery, and the disintegration of the African continent, Black people still made contributions during that period, and George Washington Carver made the peanut as profitable as the present day illegal coca. Jimmy Carter’s family lived a good life partly because of the work Mr. Carver did, and he was properly grateful.

Of course, one can be too good. Jimmy Carter, an Evangelical Christian, supports gay marriage. If I got a chance to sit down with him I’d say, “Great to believe what you believe, Jimmy, but that bizniz is not for Belize”. Braa, we have given that crowd most everything they want; nowhere on the planet have gays had it so good. In Belize these brothers have the run, and recently we even allowed them unmolested rights to their closets, and that translates to equal footing with the bedroom when that quarter isn’t being used for sacred purposes.

Okay, I didn’t mention Mr. Obama, and it is for sure that he doesn’t consider the 50% of himself that is Black to be inferior to his European half, but he missed out on a lot of good deeds. He did try to ease the pressure on Cuba, but there is the suspect regime change in Libya, questions about the overthrow of the president of Honduras, and the biggest letdown of all, keeping a hard line on Venezuela.

I will say that Hugo Chavez shouldn’t have been so in-your-face-USA, but even if Commander Chavez was too exuberant, too excited about the revolution in Venezuela, the Americans should have had a heart for the people.

In the article, “US largely to blame for Venezuela’s crumbling economy?”, Joe Emersberger of Tribune News Service, put what I consider to be the facts, on the table. Emersberger said that when Chavez was elected in 1998 the poverty rate in that country was 50%, despite that nation being one of “the world’s top oil exporters since the 1930s — and had governments that consistently had good relations with the United States.”

We know that Commander Chavez set about giving the poor people of Venezuela some breathing space, but the USA refused to give them some ease, and high among those who brought down the pressure was our brother, Barack. Sorry to all of his friends, but we have to call him out.

You know that most American journalists are just woefully naïve, or they just don’t care. Emersberger, who is not an American journalist, says, “Years before President Donald Trump explicitly, and illegally, outlawed Venezuela from borrowing or selling assets through the U.S. financial system, President Barack Obama ludicrously declared Venezuela an ‘extraordinary threat’ to the ‘national security’ of the United States. Obama’s belligerence, given U.S. financial clout, would scare away rational investors and deter loans — therefore increasing the stress on an economy already in crisis.”

You can Google the rest of that painful article at www.southcoasttoday.com.

Look, I never wanted to bring their only non-100% European prez, Obama, into this, but the fact is that wherever his heart is, the bottom line of some of his deeds said that we over here don’t count for much.

Mr. Donald Trump, he is unlike the regular politicians over there. They would have us believe that they love and respect us, when all they want is for us to do their bidding.

Haven Orecchio-Egresitz, in an article published on Reuters titled, “Trump reportedly said no country run by Black people is any good, and that Nelson Mandela left South Africa a ‘s—hole country’” said that the US president’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, wrote in a new book that such were the words of the American leader.

Let’s get real. This is how the Europeans look at people of color, even if they don’t want to. Of course some of them di try, but this has been in their genes since 1492, because it’s what almost all their children see when they are growing up. While we were slaving to enrich them, they produced some great scientists.

Ah, Mr. Trump, he’s just saying how they really feel, and like them he does things to forward their agenda. We can’t blame European people for being who they are. If we had enslaved them and used the wealth they helped produce to invest in our young people, it would have been the reverse.

Whoa, can you see the reason why we should not tolerate selfish, greedy leaders? Can you see why we shouldn’t tolerate leaders who put lucre before their people, leaders who have no pride?

The Europeans have the bomb, and they didn’t want Mandela to lead, so they put him in jail. It is so that 500 years after Columbus the Europeans still interfere in how we live, and their game is to promote leaders who are no threat to them.

If we will escape the plan they have for us, we need leaders who know their capacities and are smart enough to know why the people who have the bomb allowed them to climb so high. It’s so you can make us look stupid. Don’t! For gudnis sakes do things that make our people proud. For gudnis sakes, stop the corruption, because it gives fodder to the bad things they say about us.

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