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Pay the JP

It’s a wonder, this insistence that JPs work for free. You’d think by now that our leaders would have allowed a token their way, a $2 or $5 per transaction say. These government people actually get angry (or feign so) when some JPs get shady.

One JP told me that they were very circumspect about whom they signed for, so they weren’t swamped with their JP duties. But they saw JPs about who were carrying on full time jobs. The JP told me that people asked for services mostly for passport (immigration), and for lands business. They said that on rare occasions a person would push a little chum in their direction after they had signed.

Signing your name on a piece of paper is no trivial matter. People have lost house & lot, and people have gone to jail, because of their signature. A JP takes a great responsibility when they affix their signature to a document.

One justification for lawyers charging a high fee to sign things is that they need money to do the necessary research. JPs are expected to know the people whom they sign documents for. When JPs sign documents for people they absolutely don’t know, they are swimming in dangerous waters.

A signature is not a cheap thing. And it takes time for a JP to read over our documents. Many people think that JPs should be remunerated for their services. That may explain why they’ll turn a blind eye toward a shady one. The public will no longer have sympathy for a JP who cheats if some legal chum is allowed for JP services. Allow a token and the honest JPs will feel happier about providing the service, and the crooked ones will face an increased risk of being exposed.

Just incredible

And this just proves that the European is in no wise smarter. Back in the old days, when they were killing Native Americans, the European Americans passed a law that allowed every citizen to bear arms. In the day when the law was passed, the European Americans were fighting to establish themselves as the dominant tribe between the Rio Grande and their border with Canada.

Since the passing of that law, the Gatling gun, a weapon that fires multiple bullets, was developed, and the European Americans have become the most dominant tribe on the planet. The real situation has changed completely. Yet, the law remains as written eons ago.

A single person in America can legally own weapons that can kill multiple people in a moment. They get their justification from conditions the sick drug laws in their country have created. When a product is made illegal, the daring and the ruthless salivate. That country’s criminal drug laws, just like their crazy rum Prohibition laws years ago, have spawned numerous Al Capone types, men who are armed to fight the state to get theirs. Innocent folk sometimes get hurt in the crossfire between drug runners and police. So, to defend their turf, regular American folk arm themselves with mighty weapons of war.

Of course the American government likes the business. Gun making is a success story in the USA. An NBC story by a gentleman named Ben Popken, said the Pew Research Center estimates that there are 270-310 million guns in the USA, and that the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) claims 263,000 full time jobs for the industry and a $42.9 billion impact on the US economy.

Fifty or more years ago in Belize, a person apprehended by police and charged with murder was, nine times out of ten, headed for life imprisonment or hanging. Today, a person apprehended by police and charged with murder is, nine times out of ten, wrongly charged.

It should be obvious that something is wrong with our system. What worked fifty, sixty years ago, doesn’t work now. So, why haven’t we done something about our system?

There are people who consider themselves as humanitarians, lovers of human beings. They cannot bear to see a person put away for life, or hung. The real is that their approach to violent crime works to increase crimes. It’s simple logic that the more murders go unsolved, the more murders will be committed. Anything can become culture. Culture can be good and culture can be bad. We have created a bad culture, one that encourages murder.

People who are elected to power, and people who have powerful places in a society, have a duty to solve problems. It is a struggle to understand the thought process of our lawyers and political leaders, why they don’t try to fix the system. It is just incredible.

You are alone

The world having seven billion people, we have to allow for differing opinions. We don’t know what God was thinking when He gave human beings free and varied minds. When it comes to God, we accept what is. There is no point in asking Him why we aren’t like jaguars, who think much alike. Or, why we aren’t like every other animal under the sun. Some things we cannot change.

Some of us have a very small demographic. People like me, we know we are few; we know there aren’t so many birds of our feather. Being few doesn’t mean we are cuckoo. Some of us are slipping, you know. Some of us are all the way over the deep edge.

The mind(s) behind that infomercial which explains that we all should be glad for the striking down of Section 53, because heterosexuals don’t have to worry about the GoB peering into their bedrooms anymore, has to be called out.

We know that females aren’t equipped to violate Section 53 so they are not the target here. The only interest any government in the world has ever had with what heterosexual males are doing in their bedrooms, is when they are about using their physical strength to overpower females (pathological), or about using their wealth or experience or position to get over underage ones (advantage).

Section 53 absolutely doesn’t apply to heterosexual behaviour. Maybe this infomercial is for comedy. Well there’s a problem with that. Visitors come to our country. We wouldn’t want them to think that a demographic that plays games with serious business is predominant here. You are ALONE.

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