Letters — 13 April 2019
People want the Referendum to be put on hold

Dear Editor,

I have not heard any Belizean say that he or she does not want the ICJ Referendum to be held. Anyone saying otherwise is telling a lie. What I have heard people saying is that they want the Referendum to be put on hold until both those responsible for birth certificates and the Elections and Boundaries Department can get their act together to prevent the disenfranchisement of Belizeans citizens, and measures are taken to get Belizeans living in the Diaspora to participate in the Referendum.

Is this too much to ask for? How can this be partisan politics?

I believe that all political parties should be involved in the way forward in this nationally important matter. There are many Belizeans who are neither PUP nor UDP. Some do not support any of the political parties.

Let the decision of the ICJ Referendum be truly that of the majority of Belizeans.

Michael Usher

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