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Pere and Compol said wi fu tayr dem out

There is a true saying – not all sayings are true, but this one is – yes, there is a truth that there is some good even in the worst of us, and so I wasn’t surprised when good came from the Attorney General. He has absolutely bullied the genteel members of the Senate (Dear Mr. Pere, none of the social partners have ever offered themselves as candidates in any election, so please do not try and sucker them into the gutter with any rabblerousing.)

Hn, one wouldn’t want to imagine what our little Belize would have been like if Pere’s parents had spared the rod while he was growing up. I don’t want to recall all the bad things he said when he was running in Freetown. I don’t want to recall those terrible days when he and his friends were stomping on the sacred steps that lead to the National Assembly Building. Let us put behind us those tough days when the wikid Barrow took him from the bases and put him in the boardroom, not just to sit but to be headman over the fine elected members of the noble House.

A boy like he must have been, as bad as sin, it is only that good belting that he got that stopped him from going the whole hog and turning our little Belize upside down. By the way, Brother Albert Vaughan, your people didn’t stop Brother Rufus X when he was going around like military. Nor did you stop Brother Brackett. Funny, this life eh, Pere tried to score cheap points in the Senate because the Auditor General didn’t know a tiny little point in the law, and bam, just a day or days after, he is caught showboating in the Queen’s fatigues, and he doesn’t have a license.

There is a little wisdom that a person who can’t accept correction won’t grow. There are people who can’t stand to be corrected, and if you want to know how bad such persons can be all you have to do is check out what these politicians in power do to people when they call them out for wrongdoing. They fire people, and do all manner of other wicked things to hambug them, to make them punish, even down to dehn lee children.

Ah, but we have proof that Pere didn’t flat out reject being put right. We had to wait long, but when the blessing came, it poured. Thank you, Brother Pere, for using your platform to shout about the virtues in a good whipping, and thank you too, to ComPol Williams, who enthusiastically seconded Pere’s support of the coarse discipline.

The mighty Louis Farrakhan once told his audience that God put fat on a bottom, so that it could take the rod. He also told parents in his audience that they should be ashamed to have their children running around disrespecting authority. I’m pretty sure he said that they, such parents, needed a good lashing themselves, but I’m not 100% sure, so I won’t say he said so.

These elites who are taking lessons from Europe, and then getting paid to go out and spread European ideas about raising children (and other things), they want a law that will limit parents to lecturing and/or denying children something they like. Before going anywhere with that first one, they must tell parents what words not to say, because sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will completely obliterate us.

Soft pops intellectuals really have to stop being so aggressive about their ideas. Be careful, and don’t let your notions about love destroy other people’s children.

On the extremes there are very physical people and very cerebral people, and the rest of us are in between. Check yourself to see what kind of person you are before you start spouting off, because if you are very cerebral you daam well can’t relate to those of us who are physical.

I ask: will I harbor hard feelings for life if my parents lash me, say something bad to me, or deny me something that is important to me? It’s not black and white territory; one size doesn’t fit all.

I heard Brother Steve Anthony say on the KREM Morning Stew show that he can’t understand how a parent can love their child and still take out the whip and beat their behind. I’ve heard so many other people say that, and I can’t understand how they only see their side. The Steve Anthony case, we can shut that down in one sentence.

Steve Anthony is a major league humorist, meaning he can get the attention of whomever he wants through purely cerebral methods, and if I’ve read his Facebook posts correctly, his wife is a school teacher, which means that she has a lot of experience working with children. I could go on, add on, to show that the hill where Steve is speaking from is so much higher than the one most of us operate from, meaning we are talking different worlds here.

The main proponents of the anti-lash position are women who are supported by men who agree with everything they say or do. What’s the deal? These anti-lash women are elites, people who work in offices. They are seldom at home, so their children are raised by nannies. These women’s contact with their children is limited to a few hours in the week, and they usually can buy good behavior from their children.

There are arguments being made, that a child brought up with the belt will tend to be violent or believe that violence is the solution to problems. Well, we weren’t a murderous society in the past, and almost all of us got a whipping. We didn’t become a murderous society until the lawyers started getting not guilty verdicts in murder trials, which led to retaliation. Of course, our society has become more savage because of worse wealth distribution and increased poverty.

I say to you no-lash supporters, think of a parent raising a child in a neighborhood where there is a lot of gang activity. No, they can’t just pack up and move to another neighborhood! I say, put your foot in the shoes of others before arriving at conclusions. Think about the tools they have. Be real. There’s value in all the different strokes: strokes directly to the mind (nice words), strokes of denial to the mind (denying something the child likes), strokes of bribery to the mind (gifts), and strokes on the bottom that go directly to the mind.

AG and Compol didn’t rain on the other tools of correction. They just said that a whipping is oftentimes essential punishment, and we physical ones agree.

Oh no, UDP not having regrets

All the senators who know the new Chairman of Elections and Boundaries, Estevan Perera, said he is an honest man, loaded with integrity, so shivers must have run down the spine of the UDP gang when Perera told the media that he would be impartial. Ouch, if you were in the vicinity of some UDP when Perera betrayed them, I hope you ducked or quickly opened your umbrella, bikaaz spit mos bi di fly.

Come on, Mr. Perera, honesty is one thing, and innocence is quite another. Are you out of your mind? No, he is not, and the UDP isn’t having regrets either.

Someday the bad old days will go away from Belize. At least 33% of the people in this country don’t vote along party lines, and thousands of people who prefer one party over the other, have voted for the “other” at some time, but only few of us have been appointed senator by a party, only few of us have been put on boards to represent that same party.

No, Mr. Perera, impartiality is not your lot. You are a UDP, dyed to the bone. You will not investigate any of the wrongdoings of your party. If you do, it will be just a charade. Your friends in the Senate who said you shouldn’t get the job, said so because they’ve seen this game played on us just too many times. The politicians in this country really have to stop believing that they are smarter than everybody else. The only thing they have more of than the rest of us, is brass.

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