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PM mum on Sanctuary

US Judge extends injunction

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Nov. 22, 2018– On Tuesday, Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia, Jr. told the media that Prime Minister Dean Barrow would shortly hold a press conference to address the Sanctuary Belize real estate scam that was shut down by the US Federal Trade Commission, but speaking to reporters today, Barrow clearly expressed that he did not want to talk about that subject.

When reporters caught up with him late this morning, and he was asked about the Sanctuary Belize matter, PM Barrow said that he and the Central Bank thought long and hard on whether “we should make any public statement, because it was, and still is, an extremely delicate situation.”

“A wise fellow once said, silence may be misunderstood, but it can never be misquoted,” the PM said. That has been the position adopted by the government and the Belize Central Bank.

The PM expressed the hope that Atlantic Bank International would be able to work through the difficulties with the US federal agency.

“Atlantic Bank International has a stellar reputation and all Belizeans should wish the bank well”, Barrow offered.

Amandala has learned that a United States judge in the District Court of Maryland has extended the temporary restraining order and interim preliminary injunction set down in regards to this matter earlier. Steve Rhodes, in an internet story at https://getoutofdebt.org, said that court control over Sanctuary Belize was extended “through at least February 2019” on the discovery of new evidence.

“The document damningly says, ‘The FTC and the Receiver entered the defendants” business premises on November 7, 2018, and found new evidence of the FTC’s allegations and significant corroboration, including documents showing the relevant individuals had the roles identified by the FTC in its pleadings and telemarketing scripts showing the defendants were making the relevant claims to consumers’,” Rhodes reported in his online story.

A number of business entities are listed under the restraining order. They are: AndrisPukke, Luke Chadwick, John Usher, Rod Kazazi, Brandi Greenfield, Frank Costanzo. and Defendants Global Property Alliance, Inc.. Sittee River Wildlife Reserve, Buy Belize LLC, Buy International, Inc., Foundation Development Management, Inc., Eco-Futures Development, Eco-Futures Belize Limited, Power Haus Marketing, Sanctuary Belize Property Owners’ Association, Prodigy Management Group LLC, Foundation Partners, BG Marketing, LLC, Ecological Fox., LLC, Belize Real Estate Affiliates LLC, Exotic Investor LLC, Southern Belize Realty LLC. (collectively, the “Sanctuary Belize Enterprise*” or “SBE”), and Atlantic International Bank Ltd.; and relief defendants Angela Chittenden, Beach Bunny Holdings, LLC, the Estate of John Pukke, John Vipulis, and Deborah Connelly.

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