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Police launch COVID-19 hotlines

Citizens are asked to report any “partying” or other social gatherings they see

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Dec. 16, 2020– Two 24-hour COVID-19 hotlines have been opened by the Belize Police Department in an effort to continue the battle against the lethal coronavirus.  On December 16, the department issued a release which states, “The Belize Police Department announces the launch of our COVID-19 hotlines. The numbers are 0-800-PARTIES or 0-800-727-8432. These hotlines will work for both BTL and SMART users.”

“The main idea behind the launch of these hotlines is to respond to social gatherings that continue to go against the COVID-19 protocols,” the release goes on to explain.

The release states, “The general public is asked to call and report anyone hosting a party, other social event or not adhering to other COVID-19 protocols.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams posted on social media a very clear message: “If you know of someone having a party or other social event, please don’t hesitate to call 0-800-PARTIES or 0-800-727-8432 to invite the police on their behalf.”

In the coming days of festivities, the Police Department is expected to ramp up efforts to ensure those in the public continue to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols. Additional measures are expected to be put in place to restrict excessive movement during the holidays.

The public is being asked to adhere to all the COVID-19 protocols in place and to use these hotlines to report any violations to the authorities.

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